Horseracing Is Vile All Over

Two horses – Naboo Attack and Amazing Star – were killed in the prestigious “Hong Kong Sprint” today. And yes, it was bad…


  1. This makes me think of those things that people say about racehorses and horseracing. They say such things as “improving the breed” and “developing their potential” and this is what it really is: INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES for the money and the supposed prestige. Since when was it prestigious to treat horses like disposable gambling chips…???

      • Thank you, Bonnie!! And all of the help with labor and transportation. These are sentient beings with Souls!!!
        Its sad and disgusting.

    • To end the atrocities of Horse racing we must attack dark money in government.. Too many people in power profit from funding activities that abuse of the voiceless.

  2. Classy game you got there, racing creeps.
    When I asked what else you got for us, IT WASN’T A CHALLENGE — so you don’t have to outdo yourselves in the carnage department every single time, you know.

    (Which reminds me: your next big, horsey horror show is scheduled for about…say, oh, in 3, 2, 1…)

  3. From the things I’ve read, this was a disgusting display of everything vile in horseracing. Poor Amazing Star went off at 200-1, and had been performing poorly recently. Why was he even racing?? He snapped BOTH front legs. Pixie Knight, one of the horses that fell over him, but survived, now reportedly has a broken knee, and the vet reported “substantial amount of blood in his trachea”. So, though he survived, he was certainly horribly traumatized. Everyone touts racing in Asian countries as being so much less dangerous, but they massively failed the horses with this race.

  4. I could care less about the jockeys. This was a horrific wreck about as bad as the the one at Charlestown( where the horse fell and flipped). Looks like a horse got up, but was running on a broken leg.

    • Hell, the jockeys themselves don’t care about the other jockeys; EVERY SINGLE TIME one of these mass-casualty crashes occurs, the little bulimic sadists who’ve stayed aboard just keep cruisin’ right on past (or OVER, if they have to) their fallen brethren. Just once, you’d think one of them would grow a conscience and PULL UP in honor of a paralyzed-or-worse fellow rider — never mind the poor stricken HORSE. But, no freaking way! A bunch of old degenerates would throw a fit if they even TRIED that shit (feigning concern for either equine or human life.)
      So, they just keep on truckin’ like the good little sociopaths the industry needs them to be.

      • The rules of racing require that the jockeys keep “urging” their mounts to win or at least finish the race. It is not about caring for your “FOE” whether fallen or not. IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY TO BE HAD BY EXPLOITING HORSES AND GAMBLING ADDICTS AND THE so-called PRESTIGE of a Grade One race — it’s heartless and greedy. What a horrible, CRUEL joke it is to call this criminal abuse of horses prestigious or the Sport of Kings. It’s the Sport of Killings, as you have said before, Kelly. It’s cruel, sadistic inhumane treatment of horses from start to finish and In between.

          • The rules say that the jockey must whip his/her horse, or else. One time in this one race, I forgot all the names and everything but it was on a video, one jockey accidentally dropped his whip and he looked to the jockey next to him and this other jockey gave his whip to the jockey that lost his whip. They both got in trouble from the stewards. The rules of racing are as sadistic as the people who wrote them and as sadistic as the people who participate in this egregiously abusive bloodsport.

              • Anita, where do/did you get your information?
                I got mine from various sources. If you care to do any fact checking, do a Google search. In just one state, the State of Delaware, they have a website as follows: Delaware General Assembly : Delaware Regulations : Administrative Code : Title 3 : 1000 (Thoroughbred Racing Commission) : 1001 (Thoroughbred Racing Rules and Regulations)
                14.18 Use of Riding crops, Other Means of Altering Performance:
                14.18.1 Riding crops are to be used uniformly and the Stewards shall take cognizance of unusual use or non-use of a riding crop by a Jockey. (There is more…)

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