Hoof Prince “Breaks Down” in the Slop at Mahoning – Whipped Till the Bitter End

Hoof Prince, says Equibase, “suffered an injury” in the 4th at Mahoning yesterday, “was eased through the wire, completing the course, [then] was euthanized.” Of note, and as you will see, the race was run in horrid conditions, including high winds, and Hoof was whipped until the very moment he “broke down.”


  1. “Stumbled,broke down” but by gone get over that finish line to make your crap cash. I love all the horses but the gray ones take part of my heart always.

  2. Horseracing is unnecessary, unnatural and inhumane treatment of horses!!!!!! The people who commit these horrible acts of CRUELTY to horses should be arrested and put in jail for a long time!!!!!

  3. Same old story: high-end, “well-bred” thoroughbred starts off at the elite tracks (running for his life.) But he can never, ever earn enough to satisfy his (sub-)human owners (who love him like family.) So down he goes, to the shittier, low-end dumps (to keep on running for his life) for racing’s lesser scavengers. (You know the ones; they don’t have a pot to piss in, but by god, they’re gonna become superstars in the claiming game because they “LOVE those horses.”) By the time he’s ready to break down for good, he’s the “favorite” in some lowly allowance race in some Ohio (or Pennsylvania, or Arizona, or New Jersey…) three-legs-on-the-meatwagon hellhole (and still running for his life.)
    So, of course, he’s (literally) saddled with creepy connections, including a rider who will do (literally) anything to make a buck in this sick game:
    Mahoning official: “Will you do everything in your power to get your mount across the finish line for a better placing, even if it means urging a mortally injured horse past the wire for $16 bucks?” Luis Batista: “Sure thing, boss.”
    And so ends our sad tale of Hoof Prince, and just about every other poor animal still running for their lives, abused and killed by the sadistic monsters in this, the Sport of Kings.

    • And, Kelly ….this poor soul had to go through that torture chamber undertack show of two yr olds. Whipping the hell out of BABIES …to run at breakneck speeds.

    • They treated him like a commodity. He was born January 30, 2017 and sold at the Keeneland Mixed All Ages auction in January of 2018 and again in September of 2018 at the Keeneland Yearling Sale auction. Again HOOF PRINCE was sold at the Ocala Breeders’ Sale Two-Year-Olds in Training Sale. The auction houses made their commission(s) off of him. What do they care about what happens to any of the horses that they run through their “meat grinder” except the money they made…?!
      He most likely had a belly full of ulcers for the majority of his shortened life.

    • So sadly and perfectly put. I hope everyone that ever bets on a horse understands the gruesome cycle they encourage. How do they get away with it, how do they sleep?

  4. HOOF PRINCE is a victim of every racehorse parasite and the millions in subsidies handed out to keep this killing show going.
    This track would NOT be in existence if it weren’t for the millions in taxpayer subsides and it’s shameful that our politicians continue to hand it out without one ounce of responsibility, accountability or oversight.
    It’s beyond overdue to END these subsidies and horse racing is sure to END right after.

  5. On the world stage, the Hong Kong Sprint last night. Four horses down 2 euthanized and 3 jockeys to hospital. Horrendous injuries on the injured horses. My point is not only here do we see this travesty…it’s all over the world.

  6. I agree with Tracy. These people are murderers and should be arrested immediately. I feel so bad for the poor horse who did not deserve this horrible cruelty.

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