“Pulled Up, Euthanized” at Delta; “Collapsed” (Just Like Medina) at Charles Town

The 3rd at Delta yesterday, in the pithy telling of the chartwriter: “Frank Leroy raced near the back, pulled up down the backside and was euthanized.” Frank was three; ’twas his third time under the whip. Of note, in his two other races, Frank finished 17 lengths back each time. Complicit in the kill: owners/breeders Barney (who tripled as trainer) and Regina Core; jockey Kevin Smith; Delta owner Boyd Gaming; and anyone who wagered on or attended any U.S. horse race yesterday.

Also yesterday: In the 8th at Charles Town, Bahama Breeze was said to have “collapsed” after being unsaddled – this after “showing no response through the backstretch [and being] eased,” some 74 lengths behind the pack. Bahama, I presume, is dead (I of course will confirm). She was (is) three, the same age as Medina Spirit, though given that no one in the press will cover this – cheap horse, cheap track – it might as well have happened on a different planet.


  1. Poor Frank Leroy clearly was not “born to race.” I think all complicit parties knew exactly what they were doing. Race him to death. He gave his life for their heartless greed.

    • …That is almost certainly true. 17 lenghts is back ..did they see something ( in training) to cause them to believe he would do better?
      Or they just throw him out there callous and indifferently.?
      Ill assume the latter.
      End HORSERACING Now.

  2. Animal abuse in the service of greed on the PR. Please read in its entirety as we here at HRW tell it like it is everyday. It is so so sad and so alarming. Maybe,just maybe XYJet and all the others will.have their karma or revenge (whichever word is more your emotion).

  3. What caused BAHAMA BREEZE to collapse? Was she given at least one banned substance? Do the stewards care anything about why a horse collapses on their watch? I doubt it, but it matters. Horseracing is all inhumane treatment of horses!!!!

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