Yet Another Kill at Belmont

Postino’s Vow, says the Gaming Commission, “sustained [an] injury to LH leg training” at Belmont November 14, and was “subsequently euthanized during surgery due to poor prognosis.” Postino’s was seven and had been raced 57 times. Owner/trainer: Silvino Ramirez. This is death 101 on the NYS-racing year.

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  1. Dear god, please in the name of all that is just and good ….Shut this antiquated SHIT SHOW. Hey, you evil assholes …how many more must die? The face of pure evil = horse racing.

    • Yeah, racing’s only got about three other ways to kill off their beloved athletes. But they all have to PRETEND to be working diligently to try and “solve” this inexplicable Animal Abuse Mystery.

    • Can you imagine that during surgery, (during surgery, no less), that it was determined that the “prognosis” for a seven year old Thoroughbred racehorse was not good???? Did they determine that they didn’t want to spend the money and the effort and the time to bring him back to racing condition because a) they realized, “Oops! We don’t have that much extra money to burn on saving a horse that can’t race again…”, or b) they knew it was all a charade to make it look like they cared to the racing fans that bet their paychecks on him and didn’t intend to save him in the first place?????

  2. One thing is totally clear ….death is too acceptable for these losers (horse racing people). They do not love the horses by any measure. Hell, they don’t even know how to care for them properly. Shut the “shit show” down.

    • I worded this kinda funny ….of course I mean they (human losers) involved in this racket … are like “oh well, another dead horse”. They NEVER even show any remorse for taking innocent horses lives.

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