3-Year-Old Dead, 37th Confirmed Kill at Parx This Year

In the 1st at Parx yesterday, says the chartwriter, “Big Daddy Buzz suffered a catastrophic injury near the 3/8 pole and was subsequently euthanized.” Dead, at the age of three. Complicit in the kill: owner Home Team Stables; trainer Scott Lake; jockey Edwin Rivera; Parx owner Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment; and, of course, all those who wagered on or attended any U.S. horse race yesterday.


  1. Parx has stood out as an unscrupulous place for the whole time that I have been reading this blog (which was since 2019). I don’t expect any improvement of any kind to take place at Parx other than the over $2 Million being terminated to horseracing in the State of Pennsylvania at some point in the future. It makes more sense to me that the PA HBPA will fight tooth and nail to keep the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS coming in from the SUBSIDIES and the WAGERING HANDLE rather than ever doing anything to stop the torture and subsequent deaths of racehorses.

    • Excuse me, I should have said over $200 MILLION DOLLARS (in SUBSIDIES) to horseracing in Pennsylvania.

      • Wanda, I haven’t heard about any action being taken re Gov. Wolf’s proposal a few months ago.

        • Nancy, I have not heard any updates on Gov. Wolf’s proposal either. I hope that more members of the legislature in Pennsylvania will get on board with the banning of horseracing at some point.

          • You and I have been around long enough to know the proposal is made…there are cheers and “hear hear”. Then the naysayers with nay nay and the propsal goes to the bottom of the pile. Do you agree Wanda?

            • Nancy,
              It does appear that nothing is moving forward, but I have to remain hopeful that we will be reading good news one day — the subsidies to horseracing terminated to horseracing and given to the basic necessities of society which is education and whatever else Gov. Wolf had in mind.

  2. BIG DADDY BUZZ was bred and tortured in PA only because they receive hundreds of millions in subsidies for PA-bred racehorses.
    Not one of these tracks would exist if our politicians didn’t hand out millions in taxpayer/casino subsidies.
    Rest assured that the END to these subsidies are well under way thanks to leaders like HRW, other concerned animal welfare groups, other groups such as Education Voters PA who now have a lawsuit underway to get this funding and it’s only a matter of time.
    In the least, they will have hundreds of millions cut from their gravy train like they did in Ontario, Canada finally when they had their annual subsidies reduced from 345 million per year to 100 million per year.
    Of course we can expect them to whine, complain and do whatever it takes to keep hundreds of millions of easy money with little to no transparency while sending their racehorses to slaughter.
    Who wouldn’t fight for such a one-sided scheme operating with little to no transparency and not even paying mandatory legal operating fees to the government while boasting about their “record-breaking” profits?
    How much longer can our politicians and communities claim “stupid” in the light of all of these facts?
    The gravy train and automatic taxpayer-funded ATM subsidies to horse racing can and will be shut down.
    They should also be legally-mandated to contribute a mandatory percentage of profits/subsidies to aftercare funding in exchange for public money!
    Hell, they should be required to provide a 1-800 number for people to call when they see a racehorse standing in the kill pen and they can come with THEIR horse trailers to pick-up THEIR racehorses and find them a home.
    As of now, this is all left up to the public who had nothing to do with them being bred and raced in the first place.
    One big mess after another created by horse racing leaving our communities bankrupt and in shambles.

  3. Oh, Parx. You guys are truly unbelievable. I mean it. You make the folks who run freaking Camarero, in freaking Puerto Rico, seem at least MILDLY concerned about racehorse safety and welfare.
    How is it you’re not one of the ones suing to block implementation of (the laughably-named) HISA? I mean, YOU, P-A-R-X, are the four-letter obscenity that DEFINES why the public is turning against thoroughbred racers (killers); and you don’t even pretend to apologize for your non-stop, taxpayer-funded carnage.

    HOW are you guys still a thing?

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