NY Post Columnist: “It’s long past time for this so-called sport to disappear.”

Maureen Callahan is a prominent columnist for the New York Post, the nation’s fourth largest newspaper. Last night, after a phone interview with me, she published a piece calling for horseracing to end. As with recent board editorials from The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer, this is real, identifiable progress. No longer can we be dismissed as fringe activists with but a tenuous grip on reality. This (our) no-reform, it-must-go message grows stronger with each passing day. So thank you, Maureen. Please read her column – and share.

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  1. If I … who basically lived like a Texan most of her life …meaning I basically was a CRAZED red meat girl my whole life,I existed on “ meat and potatoes”. If someone like myself can become vegetarian (still eat seafood), ANYTHING is possible 🤣🤣🤣🤣 THIS is WONDERFUL news …for the innocent horses!

    • A lot of people grew up with the meat and potatoes lifestyle, BUT WE DIDN’T EAT HORSES!!!!!! Unfortunately though, horses were slaughtered for dog food (that we knew about). One of the students in high school several years ago referred to horses as “Alpo on the hoof” because he was verbally bullying/ trash talking the person who was riding the horse.
      This industry does not show anymore respect or dignity to horses with their actions. We all know that actions speak louder than words!
      In horseracing, their words say one thing while their actions tell a completely different story…
      Thank God for one more person to print the story that needs to be told on behalf of the horses! Thank you, Maureen Callahan!

      • Wanda, I was so into red meat … that as a child even my spaghetti had to be smothered in meat sauce. Oh yeah, I was hard core from an early age. My Dad and I lived for our weekly Father/Daughter trip to Sizzler. Funny, my Mother and brother weren’t very into meat.

  2. Fringe activists? Tenuous grip on reality? Those are some of the NICER accusations from racing’s upstanding advocates, desperate to keep the blood money flowing.
    Banning this whole, horse-killing anti-sport stopped being a “fringe” position years ago. Today, more than ever, it’s more a straight-up, slam-dunk, why-is-it-still-a-thing, mainstream-popular position.

    But most of them’ll still blame us crazy, fringey lunatics for its ultimate demise:)

    • Kelly, there are lots of comments on Twitter and the pro racing networks in regards to this tragedy of Medina. Some are downright disgusting and nasty, but there are quite a few condemning the “business” over all.

      • Nancy, I said to some horse racing people “You know I have been VERY critical of bob …but, I can’t help but love M.S. he was bought for one thousand,he was so tiny,but, he had heart”. In other words underdogs are who we “Fall in love with”. Too many of these Majestic creatures have been tortured and sacrificed. It’s way past time to “Pull the plug”. WAY past time

  3. Please refer to this well-written outstanding article by Ms Callahan. Aside from quoting our fearless leader, she really hit on points that the average nonracing fan has no idea.

  4. Good article! It needs to stay in the media limelight and we can continue to keep it there. Unfortunately, so will the continued deaths of the horses. Will racing need to be halted state-by-state, or will enough outrage be staged that will force our pathetic congressional leaders to get off their lazy asses and focus on this horror? One is left to wonder what drugs Spirit was given since the Derby. It is just unusual for a young horse to die of heart failure. I do hope the necropsy is not stifled and people learn the truth.

  5. Colic,ulcers,and laminitis RARELY occur with horses in the wild. FORCED breeding by greedy humans has destroyed all that is good.

    • Plus FORCED confinement in a small space, FORCED exercise carrying the weight of a saddle and a rider weighing 100 pounds or more at too much speed and FORCED to do all that at way too young of an age. At 18 months of age, colts and fillies are less than one-third of the age of maturity for horses. At 6 years of age, the used up racehorses are physically mature but suffering all kinds of conditions that horses treated humanely would never have to worry about. Hundreds if not thousands of colts and fillies are forced to perform to their death so they never have a chance to reach the age of maturity. This is EVIL.

  6. If you truly love horses, tell the industry to STOP creating more horses,it would be the KINDEST thing that could ever happen to thoroughbreds. Instead find FOREVER homes for the poor innocent souls who are already here. The lives that are already here are more important than potential future ones. Ya get MY point!!!?

    • Pro-racing, pro-slaughter people don’t care about taking care of horses for longevity. They only care about the money they can make off of the exploitation and suffering of the horses. This is EVIL.
      Unfortunately, there are too many people that only care about the money they can make by exploiting horses. This is not a genuine love of horses.

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