Now It’s Two Dead for Doc Allred in the Same Race

Earlier this week, I reported on the death of Conchita in the 7th at Los Alamitos Sunday. In that same race, Not This World was listed as “vanned off.” Now we learn (CHRB) that the 2-year-old filly was also euthanized (yesterday). So, that’s two dead horses in one race – both bred and owned by Doc Allred, the track’s owner.

This is horseracing.


  1. Allred’s profile on the internet is vomit-worthy. He started in the tradition of racing horses with his family in 1951 when he was 14 years old. Here we are in 2021 and he is still doing what he “loves” to do as proud owner of the Los Alamitos Race Course.

  2. Big shocker — Not This World was not for this world beyond her infancy.
    But I still say our sympathies need to go not to her, nor to the thousands of other dead racing babies generated at Los Al Horse Hell.
    Oh, no. Pity Ol’ Doc Allred himself, poor guy! He’s gotta be devastated. Just devastated, I tell you. What a gut punch for the old addict; I’m pretty sure he was utterly inconsolable for three whole minutes following his latest racing bloodbath — because he sure didn’t wait much longer than that to send out his next victim, did he?

    “Sorry for your loss…er, I mean, losses, Ed. We know how much What’shername and, um…the other one meant to you. But you gotta stay strong, my friend, cause you’re a hero to all the remaining dinosaur horse-killers left around here.”

    • What’s two young, underdeveloped fillies compared to the approximately 500 horses on his breeding farm???

      • Ugh, are you kidding? I mean, it’s evident he’s a rich, addicted old sadist on a power trip. And he’s got a bunch of creepy cronies in the State legislature, of course (a WELL-CONNECTED addicted old sadist). but he’s a freaking ANIMAL HOARDER too?
        Let’s hope he doesn’t spend his few remaining years “liking” (mass-producing) feral cats and shelter dogs, as well:(

        • Kelly, the information is from an article about him in Forbes dated December 24, 2001. The article says that he must be some kind of masochist and that as a physician, he runs the nation’s largest chain of privately held abortion clinics. It says he is the nation’s largest breeder and racer of Quarter Horses. Feel free to google search:
          [Forbes; Horse Doctor, December 24, 2001].

  3. The complete lack of empathy and basic human compassion displayed by these people is disgusting, not to mention rather frightening. As soon as you take away that thin film of morality, humans are capable of anything.

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