“Reform”? Please.

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Letmeno, a 4-year-old colt, “developed laminitis post surgery” at Belmont November 24 and was euthanized. While the Commission calls this an “other” (off-track) death, the best guess is that the surgery that led to the laminitis had something to do with a training session in October. In any event, this makes 98 dead horses at NYS tracks this year – which is the exact same amount as last year, one fewer than 2019, and two fewer than 2018. And we still have a whole month to go. The lie of “horseracing reform” on full display, yet again.

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  1. Right again Patrick! Reform is a joke and part of their ‘ propaganda machine’ ! Sadly, the previous 3 years will be surpassed — likely by mid month.

  2. What a surprise; another NY death.
    Anyone want to place a HORSE RACING WAGER with me? (No, it’s not about which abused animal gets whipped around the track the fastest without breaking down — that’s just sick.) Instead, I wanna wager how hard the California Horse Racing Board is laughing right about now (and always) at New York’s TRANSPARENCY in all things Horse Killing. I’m willing to shell out big bucks to bet that the CHRB Dinosaurs are rolling on the floor laughing their asses off. Why? Because they see those East Coasters still publicly conceding horse deaths that they DON’T HAVE TO. Okay, maybe not rolling on the floor, because it’s doubtful they’d be able to get back up again. But at least chortling while they swill their cocktails and fire up their cigars:
    “Those dumb suckers! Don’t they know yet how to hide most of their kills? Yukyukyukyukyuk…”;)

  3. What are they doing differently in New York in 2021 that they were not doing in previous years that could even remotely be passed off as “reform” that makes New York racetracks “less deadly”?
    What an insanely barbaric and cruel joke to say these things, these filthy lies, while they’re abusing and deliberately causing the fatal injuries to so many horses!!! The only other kind of place that kills more racehorses than at the racetracks is the slaughterhouses.
    Anyone that could possibly want to listen to the lies of reform would have to be beating their heads against the wall, because it is just a bunch of NOISE that means nothing other than there are those die-hard psychopathic narcissists who don’t want to give up their habit of abusing and killing horses for the money…
    STOP the CORPORATE WELFARE to the horseracing industry in New York!!!

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