Doc Allred Kills One at His Own Track

2-year-old Conchita dying at Los Alamitos yesterday. Incidentally, her breeder/owner is none other than the track’s owner, Dr. Edward Allred.

“Oh, one’s gone down…”

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  1. Won’t watch the video, but, as we can all see from Patrick’s weekly list below, Ol’ Doc also had another of his beloved bred-and-owned babies vanned off from this same race.
    Guess the CHRB isn’t ready to report what became of poor filly Not This World. (I’m quite sure she’ll disappear off the face of the earth, like nearly all of Los Al Horse Hell’s other van-offs.)
    But, that’s okay. Ol’ Doc was apparently so horrified and shaken up by the likely deaths of not one, but two of his own beloved animals that he held off on racing his next victim for all of 15 minutes after they cleaned up all the blood. (Plus, he’s probably just relieved he didn’t paralyze another jockey.)

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