“The Filly Became Very Painful and Fractious”

Super de Shine was put to the whip for the very first time June 27 at Ellis Park; it was, as it turned out, also her final race. The KHRC reports that the 2-year-old was injured that day, with the vet calling for the “ambulance.” But after meds were administered “to assist in loading, the filly became very painful and fractious and due to the severity of the injuries…was euthanized on the track.” How severe? “Open, disarticulated fracture; severe disruption of the suspensory apparatus; luxation of the joint.”

Imagine how scared this poor baby must have been, a fear – a terror, really – that surely grew with each passing minute. First, shoved by strange men into a strange metal structure. Next, compelled, by another strange man, this one wielding a whip, to run at an unnatural speed, to keep up with an unnatural herd. Then, made to suffer a horrific injury. And finally, forced to endure an extended pain and suffering when the indefensible (the fracture, I remind, was through the skin) ambulance “load” failed. These people, including the should-have-known-better vet, are disgusting.


  1. Wow.. So horrific… How do these so called people; do this? Seriously, its just a job .. Move on to a non abuse.. Murder.. Animals job.

    • It’s called LAZY. …j brooks. Why go out and get a real job, when you’re leeching off of Majestic Beautiful horses?

  2. Evidently, the “powers that be” (being the sadists that they are) wanted to not only inflict more pain, fear and suffering on the young, underdeveloped filly, but also pretend that the injuries to the filly were not as bad as they actually were as part of the deceptive practices of duping an unsuspecting public.
    What was their motivating factor in attempting to avoid euthanizing this filly on the track in the first place, knowing that her injuries were life-ending anyway?
    Why does it take FIVE MONTHS for this information of a young filly being brutally injured and subsequently killed on their racetrack to come to light?
    SUPER DE SHINE, killed by racing at Ellis Park on June 27, 2021 and this is November 28, 2021.
    The veterinarian evidently must have done what he was told by his/her employer. Prolong the misery for the filly as long as possible, if you want to get paid. Attempt to haul her away so they can attempt to hide the fact that she was “a racing kill” because racing kills horses inevitably. But, don’t tell anybody….

  3. Every time I think these industry people can’t be more disgusting, they go and dig themselves a new moral sub-basement.

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