Colt Becomes 21st Victim at Santa Anita This Year

Thursday, the CHRB has belatedly announced, 4-year-old Restiany was killed (“musculoskeletal”) training at Santa Anita. He is the 21st dead horse at this much-celebrated, and of late scrutinized, track this year. “Reform,” CHRB/Stronach-style.

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  1. Horseracing is inherently INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES and there is no such thing as reforming it. The most well-known participants in this egregious cruelty to horses are incorrigible and cannot be reformed or rehabilitated. Speaking of Frank Stronach specifically, he needs to be locked up in a prison cell for the rest of his life, which isn’t long enough considering that he is 89 years old.

  2. He’s the SADT’s 21st ADMITTED dead horse this year(!). How many others were hauled away off track property for their top-secret, anonymous euthanasias? Nobody — aside from the greedy horse-killers who caused the injuries in the first place — will ever know. This is because the CHRB spent the better part of the last two years explaining why off-track-property deaths CANNOT be listed on their super-scientific(ha ha) Equine Fatalities List.

    So, for MOST racehorse kills, what it boils down to is this: It’s entirely up to the fatally-injured horse’s trainer/owners whether or not they wish to appear on the CHRB’s very-public Cali Kill Counter. If they don’t want to have their “good” names dragged through the mud by the press (and a very disapproving, animal-loving public), they can simply haul the poor animal away before they do the final deed to him or her. That way, they’ll never, ever have to worry that their beloved racehorse’s death will become public information. Who among racing creeps WOULDN’T choose that option?

    *Now I realize that the CHRB has been forced to backpedal on their death reporting criteria A LOT these past couple months. They’ve taken too much criticism about their lack of standards — all of it rightful and justified, in my opinion — and are finally starting to (pretend to) address it. What they haven’t done, though, is provide a clear and defined set of terms and standards about which dead horses they “count,” and which dead horses they don’t. We KNOW racing kills horses. And we also know that the Stronachs, between their Santa Anita Death Track and Golden Gate Killing Fields, kill a hell of a lot more. What we don’t know, though, is how many more. That’s the REAL number the CHRB does not want to provide.

  3. Well, well, our little rich psychopathic white boys treating horses as toys for their cute little entertainment and brutish games. Psychopaths seem to have this fetish for cruelty and death (to others).

    Gary Bennett

  4. Must be nice to operate with total immunity, no worry of consequences, complete freedom from an ethical and moral compass, and not even a conscience to keep one up at night.

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