This Qualifies as Entertainment at Delta Downs

Feller – yes, that’s his name – in the 4th at Delta yesterday:

I’ve yet to receive confirmation, but by the look of it – and the fact that he was “vanned off” – Feller will probably be landing on this list sometime soon.

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  1. FELLER, a horse born into a life of being tortured by the sadistic racing participants leading to an inevitable catastrophe, a very predictable breakdown, on the racetrack during a race and this diabolical abuse is allowed. Why? This is INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES. It is not “amazing care” no matter what the “professional” racing participants may say to defend this torture, abuse and deliberate causing of fatal injuries.
    No amount of money makes this diabolical abuse of horses okay. Horseracing is NOT OKAY!!!!!!

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