The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has confirmed the death of City Magic in the 4th at Kentucky Downs Sep 9: “biaxial sesamoid fractures with severe soft tissue damage.” The 3-year-old City, by the way, had been “claimed” (bought) prior to the race, but, alas, that claim was voided – because the asset in question was dead.

The Commission also released the details on What the Elle’s death at Keeneland Oct 22: “complete, comminuted, humeral [shoulder] fracture; hemorrhage; muscle tearing.” The 3-year-old also had “suppurative [with abscess] hepatitis.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. These reports are difficult to read but it definitely needs to be reported!!!!!!!!! If only the racing industry participants could keep everyone totally ignorant of just how vile, how morally depraved and how very, very wrong the so-called Sport of Kings is, they could just keep on brutally injuring and killing horses without fear of losing the millions of dollars that are poured into this evil game. Stop the funding to this vile and barbaric industry!!!!

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