“Wouldn’t Load,” Forced to Race Anyway, “Vanned Off”

In the 8th at Mahoning yesterday, says the chartwriter, Go Estrella “wouldn’t load at the gate…stopped in the stretch, and was vanned off.”

Again, “wouldn’t load – stopped – vanned off.”

Do you suppose this poor filly was trying to tell her exploiters – most recently, owner/trainer Johanna Urieta – something? In fact, it would appear she has been “speaking” from the very beginning. Her seven prior races, none of which, of course, she “won”:

9/6/20: 13+ lengths back
10/3/20: 14 lengths back
11/5/20: 16 lengths back (“hit the starting gate”)
12/19/20: 8+ lengths back
1/4/21: 16+ lengths back
1/16/21: 14+ lengths back
11/2/21: 5 lengths back

This is horseracing.


  1. Horseracing is INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES. Inhumane treatment of horses must be PUNISHABLE BY LAW in every state in the USA. This criminal activity must NOT BE REWARDED WITH ANY KIND OF GOVERNMENT FUNDING regardless of the terminology used. Call it subsidies, or call it Video Lottery Terminal payments, or call it Historical Horseracing Machines, or call it tax breaks. This egregious cruelty to horses MUST BE PUNISHED with real penalties and imprisonment, NOT REWARDED with any kind of financial compensation whatsoever!!!!

  2. A good horseman can hear his horse speak, a great horseman can hear his horse whisper – what kind of horseman cannot even hear his horse scream?

    • I so agree with you Rebecca – no truer words have been written in some time. These people are just ignorant bastards who don’t care one bit about the horses – they are a money ticket only – they feel any type of abuse is acceptable. Why is this filly even at the track with her record – she doesn’t want to race – she is just another poor case of animal abuse – so horrible, so terribly unkind. I so hope that she can find a home away from this terrible place she is at now.

    • So well said — clearly, they’re NOT Horsemen — they’re IDIOT-MONSTERS — the fact that Society is allowing this bothers me — who has the POWER to take down IDIOT-MONSTERS?

      • So does anyone have enough money to rescue this horse. Anyone in Ohio know of any rescue organizations?

        • Have you done a search online for rescues, Lisa? If you are able to find out if they have any room for another horse, that would be something. It seems that many are full up with horses, but it takes diligence to get the necessary information.

          • Yes. There are several not too far from where this horse is located (Youngstown). I thought of calling the owner/trainer, but what do I say, “I sure wish you’d donate her to a rescue”. “If I send you some money from Missouri, would you consider her sold and donate her to a rescue in Ohio?” I just can’t think of a way it would work. I guess I should at least call one of the places. One of them seemed, from what I read, more of a boarding place… It’s a bit over my head. I’ll keep thinking on it though.

            • She needs a place to go so calling the rescues first would make sense. It is awkward when you have to rely on someone else to be the boots on the ground person to get the transaction made and provide transportation for the horse.

  3. A horses naturally instinct is to avoid danger. Horse racing industry is pure evil, always doing the opposite of good horsemanship.

    Cannot wait for the day that this industry is shut down!

    • Is she still alive or not? She stopped. What does that mean in horseracing speak exactly?
      It could mean a lot of different things. Does it mean that she stopped breathing??? Also, if her connections don’t want to give her up (if she is alive) you know you can’t force them to sell or transfer ownership of GO ESTRELLA.

    • I’m not joking. This is one animal that could be saved. Surely there are horse rescues in Ohio?

      • I’m glad you are not joking because none of us are joking. I would love to know that she could be “rehomed” where she doesn’t have to be a slave and won’t be mistreated. As of now, I have no information on who can realistically make the necessary arrangements and accomplish this rehoming before it is too late. I don’t know if they euthanized her or not at this point in time.

        • Wanda, I checked out the video of this race. She was leading most of the way around the circle then started losing ground. She did get over the finish line on all fours but way after the rest of the horses. She’s #4 horse in the lineup. Happy Thanksgiving to you and loved ones.

    • And according to the write-up, Go Estrella had already suffered an injury (no shocker there) that required surgery.

      Telling, isn’t it? – that SO MANY baby racehorses endure chips and a whole host of injuries from the “rigors of racing” and OUR horses don’t! – yet according to apologists, there’s no difference between horses being raced and horses having the free will to run or not to run in their own pastures…such a huge pile of manure.

    • Wow! Any hope for her out there? I live in Missouri. If someone can help, I can help with a monetary donation towards her rescue.

      • Wait, I read closer. She is still with her trainer. please G-d, can I fix this? She’s lovely.

      • Yes, Lisa, but having worked for CANTER for years and knowing about trainer listings, I don’t assume she is safe OR better – she’s just for sale, another unwanted (by her “connections”) racehorse. It’s exactly how this industry works – bred for racing, used in racing, but never provided a forever home nor supported for life by racing.

          • Do you know anyone who rescues horses? There’s a place in Tennessee that accepts owner surrendered horses, no questions asked. They try to rescue slaughter bound horses

    • Marie, I went back to the CANTER-Ohio site to grab a photo and happened to read the first trainer listing…

      “Nice mare retiring from racing with a knee chip. Suitable for light work with maintenance without surgery, but would benefit from having the chip removed.”

      She’s THREE – another already injured and no longer wanted and/or usable racehorse (who is no doubt “loved like family” and gets “royal treatment”) – price is $1200 negotiable.

      Here’s an idea for you, racing owner of this damaged filly – YOU pay for her surgery and YOU give her a forever home.

      • Joy, for anyone to say “suitable for light work with maintenance without surgery” is so callous and cruel!!! To go ahead and use a horse with injuries without surgery but use maintenance…
        What does this “maintenance” consist of that doesn’t involve some form of torture on top of the torture of being forced to do “light work” with an injury that needs surgery??? No doubt it could be a form of that so-called “amazing care” that racehorses receive! Light work for a horse that needs surgery, but the person or people responsible don’t want to spend the money or the time to get the surgery done, or provide proper care. It is sickening that anyone could think that a horse is just a tool that must be used for something, regardless of suffering from injuries, or the horse is going to waste. These people ought to be charged with committing egregious acts of CRUELTY to horses!!!

      • Because she’s still growing and developing, I think any kind of prognosis would be premature. The damage done to the injury site might become more pronounced or in fact be worse than originally stated. And light work right now would probably be the worst thing for her until her bones and joints finish growing and developing, and the full extent of her injury can be assessed. Of course, someone who just sees a cheap young horse would just start her retraining and end up with a cripple a few years down the road.

  4. This industry also sends the biggest numbers to slaughter. Young horses should not be ridden, let alone raced. Too much stress on growing bones and joints.

    • Jacki, you’re exactly right! The futurities are for TWO-year-olds and the derby is for THREE-year-olds and this is a major fundamental wrong. This is why horse racing cannot be reformed.

  5. The disrespect, the cruel abuse, the depraved indifference — it is so beyond comprehension — we MUST SHUT DOWN Horseracing FOREVER — the MONSTER-Humans will continue until we STOP them.

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