Racehorseinared Dead at Parx

Racehorseinared in the 6th at Parx today: “raced off the pace inside, was injured at the quarter pole, lost the rider and was euthanized after.” He was five, and this was his 33rd time under the whip.

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  1. Patrick how do you hold it together? My reaction to these reports are very unladylike. Take anger, frustration, sadness and some evil thoughts aimed at the industry, along with about 95% of the people involved in it, and you now know how this old lady feels. I see my horse’s faces, past and present, on these now dead beautiful horses. I cry.

    • I know how you feel – whenever I read about these horrific injuries, all I can picture is my own baby, and it just tears me up inside.

  2. Horseracing is INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES. Inhumane treatment of horses must be punishable by law. I am in agreement with any legislation that makes it more difficult for horse racing participants to get away with abusing and killing horses.
    I am in agreement with Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal in New York to stop the $230 Million (+/-) to the horseracing industry’s white collar horse exploiters and horse-killing narcissistic psychopaths. The Video Lottery Terminal payments are subsidizing the business of abusing and killing horses in the State of New York.
    I am in agreement with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf who wants to stop the $220 Million (+/-) to the horseracing industry in Pennsylvania. Stop the CORPORATE WELFARE to the horseracing industry’s INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES and pass legislation to stop the CORPORATE WELFARE that supports the criminal acts of INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES.

  3. But racing is getting SAFER for horses all the time! Just ask The Jockey Clubbers; they’ll tell you. (Of course, they’ll also tell you that three-quarters of the confirmed dead racehorses on Patrick’s lists are alive and well and frolicking in a pasture somewhere with all their sound, healthy companions. So, you might want to rethink that particular question.)
    On second thought, it’s probably best not to ask them anything at all, since they’re just so darned busy hiding most baby thoroughbred kills that they can’t (won’t) respond to inquiries about HORSE SAFETY.

  4. The only reason this vile activity keeps going is because callous people support it. Done bet on animals, don’t watch it live or on television.

    • Jacki, most of the horses running at Parx would be lower level claiming horses. From what I understand from people that know more about that specific thing than I do, the racing participants (owners and trainers) don’t have insurance policies on these lower level horses. But, that doesn’t stop these horse-abusing, horse-killing, psychopathic racing industry participants from being sadistic. The horses in horseracing are treated as disposable gambling chips regardless of the monetary value placed upon the horse.

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