Kill #45 at Belmont

From the NYS Gaming Commission, Sunday: “So Enchanting sustained LF leg injury while breezing [at] Belmont…subsequently euthanized on track.” She was three years old and had been under the whip (raced) five times. She is the 45th dead horse at Belmont this year, as well as the latest addition to this list.

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  1. Horseracing is INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES! Inhumane treatment of horses must be punishable by law.

  2. If this is their idea of improved safety measures, I shudder to think of the death toll if they actually didn’t give a shit about their horses.

    Oh, wait………they don’t.

      • It’s CORRUPT,it’s corrupt,it’s corrupt. They don’t give a damn about these beautiful,precious horses. If you can’t take proper care of a living breathing soul ….then SURRENDER it.

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