Two More Kills in California

Yesterday in California:

Barbwire killed training at San Luis Rey Downs. This one will sting: The 3-year-old had been raced only five times (most recently at Santa Anita last month), but had amassed over $100K in “earnings.” Pity his “connections.”

Mary’s Great Hope killed training at Golden Gate. She was two and had yet to be raced. For Golden Gate, this makes 26 dead horses on the year. “Reform” is a ruse, “safe racing” a lie. Dead racehorses are inevitable.

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  1. Gee, Stronach Killing Machine. If you keep this up — okay, when you keep this up — the public might start to think you CAN’T HELP but mutilate and kill racehorses en masse in your sick little bloody betting game. Can’t have that, so I suggest you start enlisting the help of your buddies over at the CHRB to create some Horse Safety Protocols, stat…

    Oh. You mean you’ve already done that? Several times over the last couple years? And nothing — besides an increase in your death RATE?

    Huh. Time for plan B, then. Or is it plan P, Q or R? Either way, your horse killing game is quickly coming to an end in California. Bye bye:)

    • The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Sound familiar, racing industry?

  2. To Barbwire’s connections: So sorry for your loss…….. of money. I’m sure your bank account will be in mourning for a long time.
    And can anyone explain how so many horses break down during training while running on a flat dirt track? The incessant pounding of immature bodies aside, WTF are these so-called “professional” trainers and riders doing to these horses that cause them to break backs, shoulders, and pelvises, shatter legs, and split their skulls open on almost a daily basis? (It’s a rhetorical question – we all know about the stud chains, tongue ties, whips, shock devices, and other abhorrent physical and mental abuses).

    • Barbwire, bred by mike repole. Geez, if Billionaires like mike repole,and george soros (sf racing), would only use their Billions instead to SAVE all the horses.

    • Easy. Racing creeps have taken fairly hardy animals, then inbred, drugged, and mutated the shit out of all of them in their sick quest for speed. What they’ve created are freakishly fragile equine victims of their abuse who cannot withstand the rigors of…well, LIFE — much less the cruelties of training and racing. Thus, we’re all seeing an INCREASE in the horrors of horse racing, even as the racehorse population drops.

      Then again, as far as industry insiders are concerned, these babies have exhausted their usefulness before they turn five, anyway. So they might as well just break ’em down. Creates less need for “aftercare.” (I’m pretty sure The Jockey Club is working diligently to create thoroughbreds who will spontaneously self-destruct on their fourth birthdays.)

  3. I have a memory of my Grandfather who owned a foundry in Pa.,and was born in 1920,saying once when I was a child,that he didn’t like the fact that all the oil people in the middle east where buying up so many of the horses,because he felt in the long run it would be detrimental to the horses. I remember this because I worshipped him. Talk about being “ahead of your time”, and prophetic. He and my Grandma operated a small animal rescue/sanctuary from their farm. (Just to clarify,he meant they were running up the prices irrationally on the horses)which would lead to no good.

      • Yep, money is the root of all evil. Creating those insane artificial irresponsible price tags leads to problems and corruption. NO horse is worth INSANE price tags. It’s an invitation for fraud and CORRUPTION. Who really knows how many Alydar insurance “situations” there were. Also, it puts irrational pressure on the horses, and sets them up for failure. Can anyone say “Green Monkey”? Money corrupts. Artificial jacking up prices of horses, hurts HORSES.

  4. Two more horses’ lives snuffed out in California means ‘what’ to the pro-racing, pro-slaughter individuals and groups or organizations? The pro-racing, pro-slaughter individuals and groups including the Jockey Club as well as the Stronach group and the California Horse Racing Board are in this business/industry/bloodsport for “fun and profit” and isn’t it a great impact on the economy to have all of the “jobs” that keep their lowly backside track workers eeking out a “living” below poverty level while “living” in sub-standard “housing”? That is if you can call sleeping in a stall “housing”. (But, wait a minute, oh, yeah, I remember now, that is part of the “amazing care” that the horses receive — having a “full-time caretaker” to watch over the horses as the horses simply adore being locked up in stalls for 23 hours a day which contributes to their getting ulcers that, fortunately for the pro-racing, pro-slaughter individuals and groups, the general public is totally ignorant about since the ulcers are hidden on the inside of the horses stomach. So no need for the pro-racing, pro-slaughter individuals and groups to educate the public about the fact that racehorses have ulcers. Whew!)
    Isn’t it a great impact on the economy to have hundreds, if not thousands, of people addicted to gambling and consequently wagering their paychecks away at the race tracks so that the Stronach group can be filthy rich? Isn’t it great that these gambling addicts can leave their children home alone while they are prioritizing their addictive behaviors? But, wait a minute, that is so “old school” because nowadays it’s just a matter of having a device with an Internet connection and a credit/debit card. (So gambling addicts can still be unable to provide food/regular meals for their children, but wait, they possibly can get food/nutrition assistance through the local welfare office.) How can you go on Equibase without getting bombarded with pop-up ads to gamble on racehorses online? So what does it mean to have two more dead racehorses in California??? Seriously…

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