Fell (Killed) “On His Own Accord” at Golden Gate

The 1st at Golden Gate yesterday: “Inimitable lost action and fell nearing the quarter-pole, and was euthanized on the track.” A source at the track tells me this one was particularly ugly – two broken legs. Inimitable was just two years old. As an aside, the chartwriter added this bit of vileness: “The stewards conducted an inquiry into Inimitable falling…and determined he lost action and fell on his own accord.”

This is horseracing.


  1. A horse does not fall on their own accord if sound & healthy! We have seen a young mare also break both of her front legs on the last race day of the meet at our now thankfully defunct, redeveloped track in 2004! This was due to the illegal shock wave therapy that was used on her for > 3 weeks every day & up to the day she last raced! Because of these experiences & several threats we left the track in July 2005 never to return.

  2. The stewards should be under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any other appropriate law enforcement. These horse-abusing, horse-killing creeps should never be above the law. Animal abuse is animal abuse and horseracing is certainly animal abuse!!!!!!!

  3. When I leave this world …. which will be a loooong time from now (I’m 57) , I will not have a high opinion of most humans. I WILL conversely … ADORE and LOVE animals. Animals are INNOCENT and a blessing. They are THE greatest blessing. And, look at EVERYTHING animals have given us, AND do for us.

  4. Two broken legs, but the high-integrity CHRB lists the type of fatal injuries for TWO-year-old Inimitable as “Pending”?
    Hey, esteemed Board: Instead of concerning yourselves with slapping the usual nondescript label of Musculoskeletal/Non-Musculoskeletal on those kills you decide to report, you just focus on WHERE and WHEN they occurred? I mean, sure, it’ll cause your Equine Fatalities List to have to expand exponentially. But — now, get ready for the huge upside — when you go to arbitrarily minimize your reported deaths (again) with all your super-duper safety measures, you’ll be able to cut their numbers in half. Again! Won’t that be nice?

  5. Two BROKEN legs, but he fell ‘on his own accord’ What a load of clap-trap BS. I’m sorry but if it was the ‘jockey’ that had two broken legs there would be an out-pour of sympathy, but NOTHING for the innocent, defenseless BABY horse that was raced literally to his death. How these heartless, gutless, soul-less people can sleep at night is beyond my comprehension, but then I’m NOT totally wrapped up in glory, prize money and five minutes of fame unlike these horse abusers and horse killers.

  6. Can you believe these creeps were running a TWO-year-old colt in a Maiden claiming race at a distance of One and One-Sixteenth Miles??? I suppose these horse-abusing, horse-killing psychopaths think nothing of it.
    The trainer has a horse entered in a race to be run November 21 and another horse entered to run on November 25. This so-called trainer’s name is Miguel A. Ramirez.

    • Right?! Not only can I believe it; I fully expect it. The good old Stronach Killing Machine will just keep on breaking down babies for fun and profit, with the full knowledge and consent of the CHRB, who’s supposed to be “regulating” their carnage. Hell, they’ve killed off AT LEAST three horses in the last six days alone at Golden Gate Killing Fields.
      But the Stronachs needn’t worry; they know they’ve got about 18 more dead baby horses to go before they face ANY type of potential sanctions whatsoever from the (esteemed) Board.
      Besides, this baby fell on his own accord; you might even say he did it on purpose. Kinda like a public horror-show suicide. So you really can’t blame any of California’s racing creeps for his early death;(

      • I was thinking these people in this horse-abusing, horse-killing industry should, you know, just kind of keel over backwards on their own…

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