Bamalama Confirmed Dead at Ellis

According to the chart for the 8th at Ellis Sep 3, Bamalama was a “fell, vanned off.” As expected, he is dead, confirmed yesterday by the Kentucky Racing Commission: “open fracture of the third metacarpal bone spiraling from the fetlock joint through the diaphysis; severe comminution of MCIII; tearing of the suspensory ligament.”

By the way, in the “connection” interviews, the trainer, Brian Williamson, “surmised that the incident must have been an accident, as the horse had gone into the race in very good shape,” and the jockey, Corey Lanerie, also “thought that the injury was due to a freak accident.” Here is that “accident” again…

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  1. I could sarcastically say, “Oh, yeah, it was definitely an accident. He got hit by a truck. Didn’t you see that truck?” But the truth is that the connections don’t want to admit to anything that resembles the truth. The connections will continue to do the same horribly abusive things to horses.
    What “horsemen”… This is selfishness and greed, not true horsemanship!!!!! #EndhorseracingNOW

  2. When we see how many horses are sent to the track sick and injured, only scratched at the last minute by the vets, you’ll excuse me if I don’t have too much confidence in the trainer and jockey’s insistence that the horse was “in good shape” going into the race.
    From the description of the injuries, that “freak accident” must have been a land mine hidden under the track surface.

    • Horses have been sent out to die on the racetrack many, many times in the past and I don’t expect that part of the MODUS OPERANDI of horseracing to change.
      In the case of MONGOLIAN GROOM in 2019, there were x-rays of ‘before’ showing micro, or hairline, fractures in his fetlock joint of his left hind leg and ‘after’ showing the natural consequence of the horse being raced.

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