Another Training Kill at Golden Gate

Ima Rumbler, three, was killed training at Golden Gate Tuesday – musculoskeletal, they’re calling it. His is the second training death at Golden Gate in three days, and 24th overall death on the year.

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  1. One horse killed is one too many. R.I.P 💔 🙏 IMA RUMBLER, April 27, 2018 — November 16, 2021.

    • Of all the death and destruction he was responsible for, the crime that finally sent Al Capone to jail was income tax evasion. I don’t mean to sound racist or xenophobic, but I would GUESS there are illegal immigrants involved in the behind the scenes work of a race track. Does the INS ever “raid” these places like they used to at meat processing plants.i apologize in advance if I have been in anyway offensive, but the racehorse industry must have a Achilles heel to bring it down.

      • I don’t know the whole story of all of the illegal activities on the track itself or the backside. There have been well-known trainers who have hired immigrants, and also have refused to pay them fair wages or any wages at all. Google it about Ken McPeek, Steve Asmussen, etc. Check the undercover PETA videos on YouTube for more information.

  2. What an inconvenience for the (high-integrity, super-safety-conscious, fully-transparent) CHRB that poor baby Ima Rumbler had to go and rumble himself to death on Golden Gate’s super-safe training track THE DAY BEFORE the Board’s latest proud moment of self-congratulations.
    I wonder if the usual clown cast of horse-killing enablers on the Board knew full well of the horror show that took place at GGKF the day before. I’m gonna go out on a big ol’ limb and suggest that YES, yes they did know all about the (oh-so-rare, nowadays!) hideous breakdown of another equine victim at the Stronachs’ safest track. Do I think they were gonna let it spoil their big Fake Bleeders’ Cup Safety Celebration by releasing the info about Ima Rumbler’s killing ahead of said public meeting? No. No, I do not:

    “Let’s just put this one aside for a couple days, my fellow esteemed Commissioners, shall we? Nobody’ll notice that the timing of our announcement is the slightest bit suspect. Hell, those anti-racing lunatics should be grateful we listed this horse death publicly AT ALL. Why won’t they appreciate that it’s none of their business how many drugged baby animals’ executions we have to ‘regulate’?”

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