At Least One Horse Killed – But Stewards Say It Was a “Successful” Day

This from the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup November 7: “Elucidation fell at the 14th fence [and] succumbed to injuries sustained in his fall.” Dead. He was seven years old. Writing for the National Steeplechase Association’s website, Tod Marks advised that the 1st race “was marred [emphasis added] by a late spill” and that “the mishap [emphasis added] claimed the life of Elucidation.” Abhorrent – but it gets worse.

In addition to Elucidation’s death, two other horses fell over hurdles, while yet another reared/fell over in the saddling area. And there were only three races. Still, the stewards closed their report thus: “The Stewards would like to thank and commend the Race Committee for another successful race meet and would also like to thank the horsemen for keeping the day running on schedule and in a timely fashion. The racecourse was in excellent condition and the ground crew should be commended for a job well done.” What more can I say?

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  1. All racing using horses needs to be banned! Horses are not pancakes. It is not okay to sacrifice one horse here and one horse there and another horse or two or three here and there as though they are/were burned pancakes. Steeplechase racing is dangerous for the horses and totally unnecessary! Traditions that sacrifice the lives of horses must be stopped/banned/ended/done away with/OUTLAWED!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The horsemen certainly had their hands full keeping this on schedule, what with horses dropping left, right, and center, but as long as the connections made what blood money they could, I’d say we could color this day a rousing success, even with those pesky marring mishaps.
    Who needs a soul when you have money.

  3. And the PURPOSE of this NONSENSE is what? No one cares. END it. It serves no interest OR purpose. (except killing horses,who otherwise would not die). In other words totally unnecessary. Wake up people.

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