Galloping Slew Killed at Golden Gate

Galloping Slew broke down training at Golden Gate yesterday and is dead. He was four years old. He is the 23rd dead racehorse at Golden Gate this year.

This is horseracing.

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  1. When in the hell is this ever ever going to stop – the slaughter of these race horses for a god damn $2.00 bet – seriously people – stop attending these races – get a bit more involved with what actually goes on at these race tracks and you will see for yourself that it is tragic beyond belief.

  2. 23 dead horses (admitted, anyway) so far this year, huh, Stronachs? And this is at your SAFEST track, with its super-safe, life-saving surface. Imagine how many horse kills you’d have to concede if you weren’t so conscientious about horse safety at your Golden Gate Killing Fields(!).
    Hey, and by the way, what ever became of your lawsuit against the animal activists who laid on your track and caused you to have to postpone a couple races (in the midst of your even-higher-than-usual killfest spike)? Laughed out of court yet, or rather, did you find a judge who’s sympathetic to dinosaur blood sport betting junkies (and UNsympathetic to all other creatures great and small)? Just curious.
    And keep up the good work.

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