Colt Killed at Laurel

Bust’em Kurt in the 3rd at Laurel yesterday: “unseated his rider when sustaining a catastrophic injury approaching the stretch and was euthanized on the track.” He was two years old; ’twas his fourth time under the whip. The replay, no surprise, was completely whitewashed of the injury/death – yet it does show an ear-to-ear grin on, and a big thumbs-up from, the winning jockey (Xavier Perez) as he approaches the “Winner’s Circle.” And again, just like Friday’s kill at Delta, all that joy came while Bust’em was being put down out on the track. Vile, to the core.

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  1. As I recall, there were two commenters in a previous post named “Smith” and “Thegirlonthebackside” who informed me/us that the horses receive “amazing care” and the connections to the horse “work together as a team to get the horse to the winner’s circle” so obviously that’s the only thing that matters to the connections in this egregiously cruel, sadistic, heartless population of psychopathic narcissists.
    How demented that the horrors continue on a daily basis and the narcissists have no compassion for the horses as sentient beings.
    But we should all coddle these horse-abusing, horse-killing monsters when their horse is the one that is dead. Tisk, Tisk if we say anything “harsh” while they are crying over a horse lost like road-kill in this vile industry.

  2. He never even had a chance to live. This is so sad, and disturbing on so many levels. I pray for the day when using innocent animals is outlawed everywhere in this country. It must become the law of the land. It will happen someday.

  3. This makes me sick!
    It’s a shame we can’t put down all the pieces of shit that are involved in the racehorse industry and get rid of them once and for all…until horse racing is banned this nasty horrible greedy industry continues and the only ones who suffer are these beautiful perfect souls that the horse industry uses and exploits

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