Horseracing: A Depraved Industry Run By Depraved People

In the 2nd at Delta yesterday, 6-year-old Caught His Eye fell and, the chartwriter notes (surprisingly, because they typically are loath to disclose), was euthanized.

It’s vile enough that, when one of their “athletes” die out on the field, the racing people continue the game (remaining races). But how depraved do you have to be to go forward with the “Winner’s Circle” celebration while the euthanasia is taking place?

“Ooh, we had a horse go down…”

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  1. Always hated galloping on a sloppy track as above video depicts.Such track conditions are notoriously hard on horses legs & tendons / muscular structures.Also always disliked how a dying or injured horse was rarely or never acknowledged of their passing while the stupid winners circle celebration went on as if nothing terrible had just occurred during the running of the race.

  2. Heartbreaking how this brutality to Horses continues — with all the exposure and outrage, you’d think the MONSTERS would stop & think about the Horses for a change — Horses continue to suffer 24/7 from Day #1 until their torturous deaths — How can Authorities allow this? — How can our elected Officials allow this?

    • Its all about the $$! In our state gamboling $$ taxes & proceeds from the various state lottery games are a close 2nd revenue source for our state with state run liquor stores taxes being 3rd.Our state is basically funded by sin taxes. #1 revenue source is of course are very high individual income taxes.

      • FREDJOAN — yes, I see — of course, the usual justification for everything : money, money — my point is : why don’t they eject “Horseracing” from the scheme?! — i.e., there is nothing wrong with going to the Casino for good time : you can play slots, cards, you name it, etc : as long as there is NO Animal ABUSE — again, remove HORSERACING from the paradigm.

  3. This industry must be shut down! The money must be taken out of it!!!!!
    If you look closely enough at the horse’s flank area in the winner’s circle, you can see the horse’s belly moving up and down rapidly. These poor horses have to be out-of-breath for so much of their short lives. Shut Delta down!!!!!! If the horses are not running until they are out of breath, they are locked up in a stall for 23 hours out of a 24-hour period of time. Eventually, they are run to death on the track. Yeah, sure… The horses “love” it. That is what the heathen horse-killers say. No, it’s a FALSEHOOD to say the horses love it! The horses are forced into this demented industry! The horses prefer to be treated with respect and kindness. The horses deserve to be treated humanely and this industry “AIN’T IT” — THE HORSE IN HORSERACING IS AN EXPENDABLE COMMODITY. This INHERENT CRUELTY must be stopped. Shut horseracing down! Stop the cash flow to these greedy, dishonest people!!!!!!
    (If anyone is thinking about “investing” $80/share to basically watch Todd Pletcher kill another race horse, think again.)

  4. Racehorses like CAUGHT HIS EYE dying is horrific in and of itself, but our politicians actually using billions to support this killing business, and to keep it going instead of educating our children is beyond horrific.
    Our state coffers are bankrupt.
    While the “horsemen groups” gain access to millions with no moral, ethical or financial responsibility to the racehorses (without whom there would be no business) our educators/teachers are forced to run through fire hoops to get money for classroom supplies in our public school systems.
    This morally bankrupt business vs. our future – the future for our children.
    This shouldn’t even be a choice!
    END the subsidies and this vile business will END.

    • And, Gina …I’m sure you picked up on the fact this little girl was NEVER sound, had no business being anywhere even near a racetrack. Her past performances and age , SAY it all. Another INNOCENT victim of this house of horrors.

      • Ooop’s, I was referring to Sander’s Empire. Dear God …there’s so MANY it’s making my head spin!!!!!!!!! No, like REALLY.

    • The fact that dubious (suspicious, unreliable) claims are made that horse racing creates jobs, as you know Gina, is unacceptable and sickening!!!! There ARE JOBS AVAILABLE NOW that are going unfilled. There is a shortage of drivers in the truck driving industry and also there’s a shortage of school bus drivers. These are JOBS that are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY and that aren’t being filled. Our economy and our society is suffering as a consequence!

  5. Check out 4 yr. old Chimney Rock.
    Went from 2nd in the Breeder’s Cup to a $4,000 claimer at Delta Downs in just 2yrs.
    And he is now owned and “trained” by Karl Boberg…!!!!

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