“Necessitating Euthanasia on the Track”

This morning at Finger Lakes, Electric Guitar, two years old and coming off his first race, “fractured [his] scapula during training, necessitating euthanasia on the track.”

“necessitating euthanasia on the track”

This is horseracing. Every. Single. Day.


  1. Is this the point where the fine folks who represent racing animals to their deaths jump in with their assurances that these breakdowns are so very RARE? Donna Brothers, you gonna offer your bullshit one-in-a-thousand figure — or whatever made-up number you’re using these days — to tell us how SAFE your game is for its equine victims? How about reps from The Jockey Club, hmmm? You guys know better than anyone that the racehorse kill rate is actually rising. But, your entire disgusting industry is depending on you to continuously manufacture that little deception you call your Equine Injury Database. So don’t let this death convince you otherwww…
    Oh, wait: Poor Electric Guitar died during TRAINING. So, he doesn’t even count, according to the high-integrity math whizzes at the TJC. Neither do the thousand or so other babies who break down in training every year on American tracks.
    So never mind, Jockey Clubbers; you’ve all proven that not only are training breakdowns exceedingly RARE, they don’t happen at all. Not ever.
    Good to hear.

  2. I don’t have to jump off a cliff to know that it would kill me. I used common knowledge, common sense and common logic to deduce this conclusion, so I don’t need to actually go out and jump off of a cliff before knowing that I would be dead.
    IF the safety experts in the horseracing industry could possibly deduce that horse racing is not safe by using common knowledge, common sense and common logic to come to the conclusion that the routine abuse that is inherent to horseracing kills horses, and therefore, deduce that it would only be the one right thing to do to prevent injuries and subsequent deaths of racehorses IS TO STOP RACING and stop race training. STOP SUBJECTING HORSES TO THE INSANITY OF THE EQUIVALENT OF THE INHERENT DANGER OF JUMPING OFF OF A CLIFF!!!!!!!!!

  3. They always make themselves sound so merciful, when they’re the cause of the whole bloody mess. It’s merely apathetic disposal of one of their money machines that is no longer functional.

    • That is like narcissists who gaslight their human victims, so it isn’t really any different than victimizing horses. The horses need a voice that can’t be quashed. Amen.

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