Horseracing: Animal Sacrifice in the Spirit of Ancient Rome

Another day, another dead horse at Belmont Park. Flip the Script “pulled up lame after the wire” of the 10th yesterday, “[was] ambulanced to barn and subsequently…euthanized.” He was just two years old. For the New York Racing Association, ever proud of its “best proven safety practices,” this makes 65 dead animal-entertainers on the year. 21st Century America or 1st Century Rome? You decide.

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  1. So the fine folks at Belmont made their final race on the final day of their triumphant “fall” season into a Breakdown Race. Nothing like going out with a kill, I suppose.

    I also wonder if Flip the Script’s owner-abusers are going to parade onto this site and tell us all how much they’re mourning this baby’s “unexpected” death?
    How they grieve this completely unforeseen and unavoidable tragedy?
    How it’s not fair to them that we honor the true victim of their horrific abuse, when they’re the ones suffering right now?

    Nah. I’ve gotta believe his owners, “Hickory Plains” (whatever the hell that insipid name for a bunch of greedy, horse-killing assholes means) have gone through this enough times to know they’d better hush up and lay low for a while. Best to just focus on their next “investment” — maybe see if that one can survive their “care” a little longer this time.

    • Thank you, Kelly. The insanity of making the same despicable excuses that have been made by so many other racing participants in the past to be involved in this self-serving blood sport is aggravating to say the least. If anyone else thinks that they can come on this site and expect sympathy after willfully turning a blind eye to the pain and suffering of the horse so that the horse’s performance can give them a thrill and make them “happy” they should not be surprised if someone from this site jumps down their throat and chews them at least three new ones.
      The lies they tell to justify their involvement in the routine CRUELTIES to the horses and their denial of the truth of the matter is enough to trigger anyone who can see through the bull manure. Believe it!!!!

  2. The spirit of Ancient Rome lives on.
    Abuse and killing as entertainment has just shifted from human to animal. The mentality remains the same.
    Are these people evolving along with the rest of humanity?!

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