Filly Going Down at Remington

The 3-year-old filly Triple Happy going down in the 1st at Remington Friday evening. (Will update as information comes in.)

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  1. She went down fast and got up on her hind feet and sort of thrashed her front legs in the air and then the video is cut off so it isn’t possible to see if she can stand on either front leg.

    • She touched the ground for a split second with her front feet but I can’t tell what is going to happen in the next second or minute since I have not seen anything else about this incident yet. The announcer says this is the Friday opener before she went down.
      Frankly, I hate seeing these kinds of incidents and yet they happen so fast, you have to watch them more than once to get a more informed picture of what happened. The racing industry does not want people to see the real and atrocious horrors of horse racing so that’s partly why I watch the videos when they are available. I didn’t spend a lot of time watching racehorses breaking down and being injured in the past. I know everyone has a different level of experience and perspective. Every person should know how horrible exploiting horses for selfish gain, both financial and ego, is in real every day life.

        • Nancy, every time I see a gray horse, I think of you. It’s tough to see this tragedy. The horses need people to see what really happens in this industry and speak up on behalf of the horses. God bless every person who does stand up for the horses!!!!!!

  2. It’s pretty clear that she mangled her right front leg. How can this continue? And the race announcer just acts as if nothing tragic happened? Yep. This is horse-racing.

    • She is actually standing on her right front leg/hoof for the last split second in the video. She appears to be putting more weight on her right front than her left front for that split second in this video. I have not seen any other videos of this incident. She rolled over on her back to her right and gets back up and stands, but what happens in the next frames that have been cut from this video, I don’t know.

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