A Sad Good Bye to One of Our Own

From our executive director, Nicole Arciello:

This fall, exploited and abused animals everywhere lost one of their staunchest and most tireless defenders when Kelle Bruckman, HW Los Alamitos Organizer and California Outreach Coordinator, passed away.

When Kelle joined the HW team, she organized protests and, where she really shined, began tabling, putting together elaborate, welcoming interactive displays to educate Californians about the cruelties of horseracing. Last year, Kelle had great plans for the spring/summer – more VegFests, the Animal Rights Conference, etc. – but unfortunately the pandemic happened. True to her nature, she was very disappointed in not being able to get out there, being a voice for the horses.

Kelle’s work in behalf of animals was most certainly not limited to horseracing. She was a dedicated vegan activist who, among other things, joined pig vigils, fostered litters of special-needs puppies, volunteered at Best Friends and, as you’ll see in the photos below, worked with special-needs horses.

Kelle was a true gift, and the world is better for her having been here. We and the animals will forever miss you, Kelle. ❤

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  1. To all of those in pain (family,friends, animals she saved) you have my thoughts and may you take solace that Kelle was appreciated in the BEST ways possible.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL person KELLE was and SHE will be missed, SHE will be missed, SHE will be missed. May KELLE revel in the glowing realm of SPIRIT along with all of the horses and animals she spoke for. May the great SPIRIT of their LOVE resonate all over the Universe. AMEN!

  3. Horrible, SAD news. I have no words. One of my good friends always says “the Angels die,and the a**ho*** are still walk-in around”. God bless your Beautiful loving soul. Comfort and peace to your loved ones. We here WILL carry on your Noble Mission. In your HONOR. 😭 😭

  4. I have this impression that Kelle had to have had a lot of grit to stand up for so many different kinds of animals and to be the organizer at Los Alamitos where they race and kill horses 12 months out of the year. May she rest in peace and may she be remembered and honored in many ways. 💔😔

  5. Kelle was such a beautiful person. She worked tirelessly for the animals. I am so glad I got to meet her at some of the Los Alamitos and Santa Anita protests. I was so very saddened to learn recently that she had passed away. She will be dearly missed by many people and animals.

  6. What a beautiful eulogy for a kind and dedicated soul. Thank you, Nicole!
    I never met Kelle, but your words and pictures speak of a wonderful woman, gone too soon. I will honor her life by redoubling my efforts to bring horse racing to an end. Especially in California, and most especially at Los Alamitos Horse Hell.
    Proudly following your lead, Kelle:)

  7. So sorry to hear this. Sounds like a great person with a great sense of purpose in life….

  8. ** My sincere condolences to Kelle’s family, friends and colleagues. You will be truly missed. Rest in peace, amen..

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