The International Gold Cup: Where Children Get to Witness Animal Cruelty (and Killing) “Free of Charge”

The “International Gold Cup” steeplechase was run at Great Meadow (Virginia) on Saturday, October 23. As always with these vile events, a splendid time was guaranteed for all – including children, who if 12 and under, were “admitted free of charge.” Considering what transpired, what those children in attendance were forced to witness, I don’t think it too harsh to assert double abuses that day – child and animal. From the Stewards’ Report:

1st race: “Hail Michigan did not come off the ground well at the second-to-last fence and was a faller – awaiting necropsy report.” In other words, dead. (This may be the oddest death notification I’ve yet seen.)

3rd race: “New Member fell at the 16th fence and fractured his right front cannon bone. He was euthanized on the course.

That’s at least two kills. I say “at least” because:

Undercover Rowdy “fell” in the 2nd and “did not finish.”
Choo Choo was “pulled up” in the 4th with a “bowed tendon.”
Schoodic was “scratched” prior to the 6th on advice of the vet.
Shadow Seven “pulled up lame” in the 7th – another “bowed tendon.”
Seville Barber was “scratched” prior to the 8th on advice of the vet.

In addition, multiple other horses were “pulled up/DNFs.” This is what is to pass for family fun in 21st Century Virginia (America)? I am sickened. But most of all, I am enraged. Enough with the excuses; there can be no more “I didn’t know.” If you attend these steeplechases – or any horse race – you are a party to animal cruelty and animal killing (whether or not one dies on that very day is wholly irrelevant). Period.

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  1. We all knew, or at least many of us knew, that horses were whipped during races from the time we first saw it either in person or on television. In 1964, the horse races at Santa Anita Park were televised that summer on Saturday afternoons on free antenna TV. I believe it was CBS, because we were living out in the mountains near the Clearwater River in Idaho. It was free tv with no fancy extra channels. In a lot of areas, there was only one channel available back then even though there were three major networks. I had no idea at that time about the issues with the other abuses that appear so common place now in this day and age where we have to have a cell phone with a connection to the internet or you are screwed. You can’t go to a pay phone because they have been removed. Pay phones are extinct. Horseracing should be extinct because the psychopathic behavior of the human participants involved do so many more CRUELTIES to the horses than whipping during the race.

    • “Horseracing should be extinct because the psychopathic behavior of the human participants involved do so many more CRUELTIES to the horses than whipping during the race.”

      I completely agree.
      The level of EVIL Against these magnificent animals at the racetrack is Off the Chart.

  2. Patrick,

    On the Subject of The “International Gold Cup” steeplechase that was run at Great Meadow (Virginia) on Saturday, October 23.

    I must say that is the Most Horses hurt or Killed I have ever read about on this website in one Race.

    That is truly Horrific. Why is that so many horses were killed or badly injured ?

    • In some places where the race or races are held once a year, there seems to be a flood of participants who seem to want to “make up for lost time” so to speak.

  3. PURE EVIL. How do the scumbag humans live with this on their conscience? Oh, that’s right …they don’t have a conscience.

  4. Steeplechasing is brutal, period. While jumping through high brush fences in a bunch, it’s a question of not ‘if’ but just how many horses will flip/wipe out/fall/somersault…you name it. It’s sooo crash and burn, you’d think it was a horrible joke if you didn’t know these races exist, with huge races/fields in Britain. Another equine killing machine.

    • In a video of a different steeplechase race, there appeared to be only one horse finishing the race and the jockey was the only one who was not whipping his mount. One horse in particular was whipped between jumps and refused the next jump sending the jockey flying over the jump, then turned to his left and jumped over the inside rail and off the jump course. There were so many horses not finishing that race. Steeplechase racing is so unnecessary and insanely barbaric!

      • We have always hated jumps racing as it is insanely hard & a completely unnatural event for horses to participate in. Have people participate in jumps racing & gamble on them instead of horses!

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