“Colt became painful and fractious…euthanized on the track.”

According to the chartwriter for the 3rd race at Ellis August 20, Mondo Gold “went wrong late, fell and was vanned off.” In fact, the 2-year-old colt never made it off the track alive. According to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, after the regulatory vet summoned the ambulance and administered a sedative/analgesic, “the colt became painful and fractious and due to the severity of the injuries and poor prognosis the colt was euthanized on the track.” Officially: “fetlock open and disarticulated, [multiple] fractures, severe soft tissue damage.”

As an aside, for those out there who are wont to blame drugs for all that ails racing, the Commission reports that there were “no prohibited substances detected [and] no therapeutic medication detected above regulatory threshold concentrations.” Yes, drugs play a role, but: From breeding for speed, to employing pubescent bodies, to the incessant grinding – not to mention commodification – of those bodies, to forcing them to run at an unnatural rate, in an unnatural way, and through unnatural means, horseracing guarantees killing. Guarantees – separate and apart from the drugs.


  1. Forcing yearlings and two-year-olds to carry the weight of a saddle and rider and to gallop at top speed is fundamentally wrong. It goes against the common sense rules of true horsemanship. It is egregious cruelty to horses.
    Racing is cruelty to horses. It must be recognized by law as the abuse that it is.
    These horse-abusing, horse-killing psychopaths ought to be in prison. The use of drugs only perpetuates and prolongs the suffering of racehorses. Sore and injured horses sometimes can be forced to gallop when they are doped. Doping and whipping are parts of the egregious cruelty. Racing is too evil to be reformed. One horse killed by racing is one too many. Every time a horse is led to the racetrack, it could be the last time for the horse. Too many horses are led to their death in horseracing.

  2. Wow, Kentucky racing commissioners; your horse-killing transparency is impressive. Here, you managed to publicly admit this kill in less than THREE MONTHS. Thanks for keeping us in the know about (a small portion of) your many on-track horse deaths in such a timely manner.
    Oh, and we look forward to your report about today’s Churchill victim(s), too. Shall we plan on, say, mid-February or so? No problem! We understand how busy y’all can get “solving” the Great Breakdown Mystery.

    • Jan, all of us will be saying it again and again until we’re blue in the face, because horses dying for entertainment and wagering revenue is cruelty to horses. It is not okay to look the other way. It is not okay to make up stupid lies to deceive and justify this egregious abuse of horses! That is what so many people have done and continue to do — make up stupid lies to justify their involvement in the consequential death of a racehorse.

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