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  1. Australian-born John Bradshaw, who at some point in his life became a Seventh-Day Adventist, testified that when he was younger, some of his family members owned Thoroughbred race horses. When he was old enough to work and had a job, on payday he would go to the racetrack and gamble all of his money away. He would be broke on payday after losing it at the race track. This video testifies to this kind of social and moral ill. There are so many reasons why horse racing should be outlawed.

    • Amazing how so many SDA`s become addicted to gamboling on horses! We know of a married couple who also went to SDA schools near to where the only commercial track in our state is operating.They both are heavy drinkers as well. Sad, as they are very good people who we have seen bid on horses at our now defunct local thoroughbred auction that no one would buy & those horses would have gone to slaughter for sure.Racing is a “crooked , crummy, gamboling game” that has many bad economic, moral and social effects on both horses & people.Get rid of the subsidies by taxes levied by governments & casinos & this industry will go away sooner.

  2. All I can say is awesome in your face ad!! People need this shown on tv everyday to remind them how cruel people are to animals. Fucup love it

    • Yes! Very well produced & uses in your face language to get ones attention.At 1st thought it was promotional ad! Would like to see this kind of ad setup for an American audience & distributed widely!

  3. The Australian people just had the coveted Melbourne Cup. We are right behind them now with the Breeders Cup Classics this Friday and Saturday.

  4. Really well done. And it’s funny (not funny) how every single element of Australian horse racing/killing exposed in this brilliantly sarcastic video is just as applicable to American horse racing/killing. (Gosh, it’s almost like we’re not the only culture evolving beyond animal abuse as entertainment. Who’d have thought?;)

    • I will NEVER love humans ….the way I have loved all my ANIMALS 😊. Sorry, I cannot tell a lie.

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