A Kill at Finger Lakes Today

The 4th at Finger Lakes today: “Engineers Report tracked for a half mile, appeared in distress, pulled up and was euthanized [on the track].” Engineers was six, and this was his 37th time under the whip. And oh yes, he was “For Sale” – at the price of a cheap used car – prior to being killed.

This is horseracing.

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  1. These people are sick. If this horse started racing at 3, then that is 10+ races a year. These people sicken me.

    • ENGINEERS REPORT was born April 7, 2015. The date of his first race was July 14, 2017. They raced him three times as a two-year-old.
      He sold at auction as a yearling for $30,000.
      The claiming price in his last race was $5,000. They killed him.

  2. Just heartbreaking how those beautiful innocent horses are being destroyed by vicious greedy people

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