The 2-year-old filly Custom Chasse in the 3rd at Delta Thursday. While I don’t have a confirmation yet…well, see for yourself:

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    • That poor horse. This is the worst I have seen since Eight Belles. Jockey is still whipping the crap out of her while breaking it looks like at least two legs. Somebody asked me about watching Breeders Cup, nope I’m good. As soon as I saw this I flashed back to Ruffian.

  1. There is no way that CUSTOM CHASSE will be saved with a broken leg like that. She is another young filly that should never have been raced at all!!!!!! She is doomed by this gambling and wagering business. All horses exploited by racing and wagering participants are doomed, if not today, tomorrow. If not injured and killed this week, then next week and so on. It’s like a continuous cycle of Russian roulette, except that when the humans pull the trigger, the horse is killed.

    • “ It’s like a continuous cycle of Russian roulette, except that when the humans pull the trigger, the horse is killed.” Wanda Diamond, that is exactly what it is! Disgusting humans, all for the love of money.

        • I have no way of knowing how much pain this young filly was feeling. She was being whipped while her leg was breaking and yet she is most likely under the influence of some powerful drugs that we will most likely never be informed about. Doping horses to kill their pain to get them out the racetrack is part of this filthy, rotten “game” and it would take a psychopath to keep participating in this egregious cruelty to horses.

  2. Won’t click on the video, but for those who are new to the Horrors of Horse Racing, please know this:
    Fatal injuries happen DAILY at tracks across the country, and EVERYONE who’s even remotely associated with this sick game has witnessed this type of obscenity HUNDREDS of times. (The geezers who like to call themselves “railbirds” witness it even more — but they’re so desensitized to watching horses suffering horrifying injuries that, to them, it’s all just a regular old day of playing the ponies. *Shrug.)

  3. I simply can’t watch these videos. Just another beautiful life destroyed for money and the greed of humans who never appreciated her or cared about her.

  4. CUSTOM CHASSE is now laying on top of a trash heap most likely.
    This is what SUBSIDIES ensures.
    Of course even without subsidies racehorses dying on the track, in their stall and on the slaughterhouse floor is all part of this deplorable industry.
    That said, subsidies exacerbates the cruelty, inhumane treatment and Kill Lists.
    These “horsemen groups” pull racehorses out of fields, kill pens, run them with serious injuries just to gain access to the millions in subsidies that are automatically sent to them.
    There is absolutely no oversight on these “horsemen groups” AKA HBPA as they keep this killing show going.
    Despite the fact that they are given millions they don’t even have to have a mandatory financial contribution to aftercare and most don’t even pay Trainer’s pensions as most of the deals dictate.
    Yet, a teacher has to run through fire hoops to get money for much needed classroom supplies.
    What kind of politician could possibly support this while our public coffers, especially in LA, are bankrupt?
    One that gets financial kickbacks at the expense of their constituents no doubt.
    I ran at many tracks in North America and although all of them are horror and hell holes for racehorses Louisiana has to be the worst I’ve ever witnessed.
    END the subsidies and horse racing is sure to END and it come come soon enough for the racehorses.

  5. OMG how could anyone watch that and not be disgusted I could not watch the whole video.

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