The Carcasses Are Piling Up at Belmont

Another day, another dead horse at Belmont Park. Work Out, says the Gaming Commission, was euthanized Thursday in [his] stall “due to his injuries.” Although no other details were given, the 3-year-old colt brought up the rear in his most recent race, Oct 17, finishing 24 lengths back (“faltered,” said the chartwriter). Injured then, perhaps? In any event, Belmont, long hailed as one of America’s elite tracks, can now boast three kills in two days (Malibu Luna, Advance Notice) and 40 – yes, 40 – kills on the year. How do the people who support this industry sleep at night?

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  1. Please review the replay. Workout #3 looked to me around the first turn should have been eased. The #6 horse did not do well either and was way back with Workout. Jockey continued hitting him (Workout). Then the winner#1 was “urged” by Manny toward the finish line. Also it looked like Workout should have been eased at that point also instead of I guess trying to get over the finish

  2. How do they sleep??? As long as their financial portfolios are going up in monetary value, that would keep them in the company of their peers. Their social status is more important to these ruthless people than a horse — any horse. The horse is just an object to them and they can console each other with the obligatory mention of “thoughts and prayers” and then bottoms up with the vodka.

    WORK OUT (Born: February 19, 2018 — Killed: October 28, 2021) won his third try at Maiden Special Weight on November 1, 2020. He seems to have gone downhill since then and should have been given a chance to have a second “career” as a pasture pet for at least one year. That is not how these psychopaths roll. He “should not” have been raced at all, but he was. This hideous cruelty of being forced to race to life-ending injuries is the inevitable end for way too many horses. I can only attempt to imagine how much this colt suffered his whole life, but especially from his last race on October 17 until October 28 when they killed him in his stall (a small space of solitary confinement and isolation), because of what injuries???

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