Filly Killed at Delaware Yesterday

She’s Luckyinlove broke down (shoulder) in the 8th at Delaware yesterday and, I can confirm, is dead. She was two years old, and this was her second time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. It takes outrage from the public because the psychopaths of horse racing aren’t going to stop their routine of racing, injuring and killing horses. They’ve been doing this for decades. Using and abusing horses has been going on for centuries. The money-grubbing psychopaths need to be recognized for what they are. They are absolutely disgusting, evil people who have no scruples. They lie, cheat and dupe the public. There is too much money in exploiting horses and gambling addicts. For those in denial of this, it’s time to get real.

  2. So sad. A horse doesn’t mature until six years of age. It is unjustifiable to race horses, but racing two year olds….well, I just don’t want to say.

    • I read some necropsy reports for horses killed at Santa Anita. It was horrific. 2 and 3 year olds with osteoporosis already and they raced them. Horses with thin bones and some already showing stress fractures in legs that didn’t break. I wish I could find those reports again

  3. The average Joe in America only sees the rich and famous hobnobbing about at Keeneland and Santa Anita and not the horror behind closed doors. Also many only watch the Ky Derby and no other races daily. When one doesn’t make it back to their barns its all so sad.

    • Isn’t that the God’s honest truth! They see the corny bs ….and think “nothing happening here”. Meanwhile…their “love them like family” horses are all dead in slaughter houses.

    • In the 1990s I think it was, there was one or two horses that suffered broken bones during races being televised on free antenna TV (analog). The trainer was Todd Pletcher. At the time, that was very unusual for something that catastrophic to be aired on national television for thousands, if not millions, of people to see. One year there was a horse in the Kentucky Derby that slowed down abruptly from a pulmonary hemorrhage.

      • Wanda, back then there was no TVG or Mobil phones to record disasters so no one knew. And they made it look like it only happened once in a blue moon

        • Right, Nancy. Horses could be dumped sooner and quicker. Since there was no social media, there was no posting on Facebook of horses needing to be rescued. Horses were legally slaughtered inside the United States, which made it a much shorter haul from a racetrack (to a livestock sales yard) to the slaughterhouse. The killbuyers didn’t have to ship horses to Canada or Mexico. So, is it any wonder that so many people who didn’t see this inhumane treatment of racehorses every day first hand had this notion that horses were not mistreated? It’s a matter of perception from knowing or just not knowing. In this day and age, I think more people have become much more aware of the situation.

  4. Another filly kill, Delaware Racing Commissioners? Huh. I wonder if y’all “commissioned” the lovely and talented Amber Cobb to do the honors and finish off poor She’s Luckyinlove with her patented, super-deluxe metal rake treatment?
    No? Oh. Guess y’all aren’t “impressed” enough with Ms. Cobb’s “eloquence,” and kindness to allow her that privilege.
    Maybe next time, Amber. (As in, give us a couple days — or hours — to host our next public breakdown.)

    • I’m pretty sure Amber was banned from training because of a petition from, of all places, PETA.

      • Some weeks ago, I clicked on my smartphone window that I had saved her website on and it was a 404 Not Found. I would be surprised if she gets her website back up. She might have a way of getting around that though. She could still abuse a horse without an official website.

      • I was addressing her coddling by the Delaware commission. They’re obviously backpedaling big-time — as all the racing states’ so-called regulators have to do constantly for ALL the slimy horse-killers in this sick game. Welcome to the social media age, Dinosaurs; it’s sure not like the good old days, is it?

    • Kelly, info on this sweetheart new on PR. Please check it out not adhering to the suspension rules.

      • Thanks, but I learned all I need to about (the lovely and talented) Ms. Amber Cobb from sites like THIS one. The racing press only covers the evil, seedy sides of this sick game (all of them) when they can’t slither away from covering ’em anymore — like they used to do in racing’s good old days;(

      • Nancy, thank you. One of many violations: she failed to attend the anger management class.

  5. I just watched the race. So sad. I just lost my last OTTB in 2019 (TOPLEASEALADY, 1987 model). She raced at Delaware park and I got her as a 3 year old off the track. She passed at 32! I did my best for her. I’m curious how they break a shoulder if she never hit anything. Wish this sport would just go away.

    • Welcome, Tish! And great comment, though reading it makes it hard to think of what’s eventually coming with my older OTTB. Sounds like you gave yours a true forever home, and decades of love and great care — such a rarity in the racing world.
      Also, there’s a LOT of people who feel just as you seem to: not as vehement and vocal as we are about immediately banning this cruel blood sport. But no longer tolerant of its abuses and horrors, and with the wish that it would “just go away.” But horse racing is the Zombie Anti-Sport from Hell; as long as there’s greedy exploiters (and abuse-addicts, and soulless, corrupt bureaucrats who can make a buck on the obscenely short, miserable lives of their equine victims), the folks who populate the racing industry will fight to keep their sick game ALIVE. Even as most of their “beloved athletes” are not.

      • Thanks Kelly, I’ve been reading these post to my email for years it seems, rarely commented. Yes I helped my mare through colic surgery and later in life slipped in the mud and damaged her spine. She was always compromised after that but lived for many years after that. In the end she started leaning against the fence and side-winding. Her old body just couldn’t support herself anymore. We just couldn’t get her up one day:( I also had a OTTB gelding that I took great care of til the end as well. He didn’t race much either, became a talented jumper but developed navicular – I guess I basically saved him too because he was given to me for free:) They’re never free in the end. I have many friends that own racehorses and attend races. I attend the Preakness usually every year to just see my friends really but you’ll NEVER catch me betting on any horses! I honestly wish it would just go away quietly. Never understood how they can race them so young when from my knowledge their bones, etc aren’t fully developed til 4-6 years of age. I’m still baffled how this mare broke her shoulder without ever hitting anything. Although I think I’ve heard of this happening before..? bones not fully formed? making her compromised such that the muscle squeezed down too hard on the bone? I rather watch humans run around and I’d bet on them! Ha Ha Then again I came out of the womb loving animals more:) all the best with your equines…I look forward to having another soon….Tish

  6. Just T W O years young‼️ Unconscionable ‼️Bloody murdering horse racing industry‼️

  7. So very, very sad, this Industry has to come to an end for the sake of all the beautiful horses 💚🙏🐎💚🙏🐎💚🙏🐎🙏💚

  8. The only reason why Amber Cobb is now suspended is due to the exposure and subsequent public outrage including petitions by PETA and others, not due to this vile business.
    Case in point, back in around the 70’s Canadian “Trainer” James Day tied a filly to the post outside of his racing stable at Woodbine and beat her eye out with a pitchfork just to teach her a lesson.
    Incidentally, his “punishment” for doing this was being inducted into the Canadian Racing Hall of (SH)ame.
    Dad and I saw it with our own eyes and as a kid I couldn’t sleep for days.
    Of course many of us reported it to the Ontario Racing Commission, but nothing was done about it.
    Back then, there were no iphones, there was no social media and these kinds of incidents were frequent and kept within the backstretch because they could get away with it.
    Of course the abusers can always count on the racing commissions and board members to cover their ass.
    For example, it should be clear to anybody that the taxpayer-funded CHRB is there to protect the millions in wagering profits not the racehorses.
    Otherwise, they would have invoked Bill 469 10 dead racehorses ago.
    Let’s examine the current “trainers” entered into the Breeders Cup shall we?
    Most all of them (Baffert, Peter Miller, Pletcher, Rudy Rodriquez, Patrick Biancone, Doug O’Neill) are all multiple doping, cheating violators who have committed horrific acts of violence and/or abuse against racehorses including potent dope to keep them running with serious life-threatening conditions including killing racehorses, lots of them, some under the suspicion of equine insurance policy payouts.
    Nothing has ever changed or will ever change in this business and these abusive “trainers” are all protected by the racing commissions (many of whom own racehorses) with total disregard for the health and welfare of racehorses because if this business even cared one iota then every single “trainer” listed above would have been suspended for life years ago.
    Safety reforms are a joke and are only being addressed due to the fact that they can no longer cover-up what this business actually is: a deeply corrupt gambling racket who treats voiceless, defenseless racehorses as nothing more than disposable gambling chips.

    • Thank you Gina. How can a person acting as a trainer, whether licensed or not, under suspension or not, be allowed to have entry to the racetrack stable area and track without the stewards knowing about it? Yet, it is only revealed that these violations of racing rules occurred either after a horse is killed and/or there is a video, a whistleblower and a petition with hundreds or thousands of supporters at the outrageous cruelty to horses.

        • How did it happen that the human participants in this industry are allowed to police themselves???
          Their strongest selling point of “jobs” is a scam. Nobody should ever be allowed to have a “job” that supports or participates in cruelty to horses!!!!

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