Vile: “Bled and Were Vanned Home”

According to the chartwriter at Indiana Grand yesterday, two horses, Bordini and Shadow of Justice, “bled and [were] vanned home.” That’s “bled,” as in hemorrhaged from the lungs. As for the “home” part, conveniently omitted is that “home” for these two is a tiny 12×12 stall where they are kept confined, alone, for the vast majority of their existences. How disconnected – how disgusting – are these people?

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  1. This is just so cruel . Surely this animal cruelty and whoever facilitated and took part in this activity needs to be arrested.

  2. Those poor horses so disgusting. The other day I saw a commercial where a trainer was advertising a product they use on horses after a race for bleeding from the lungs! So, they are aware that a horse bleeds after a race and they still race their horses knowing that they will suffer bleeding! Such horrible people knowing how these horses suffer but still race them. That is total animal abuse! Just to win money these idiots put their own horses through that misery! There must be a place in hell for those people!

  3. Any other place and time a horse bleeding from the nose would be cause for serious concern, but here it’s “just horse racing”, just like the neurological failures, the sudden deaths, and the myriad of broken, twisted bodies.

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