Three More Dead in California, One in NY

Deaths disclosed by the California Horse Racing Board today:

Favorite Doc, “sudden death” after “winning” the 8th at Los Alamitos Saturday. This “sudden death” – usually a cardiovascular collapse or pulmonary hemorrhage – was suffered by a 3-year-old, an equine pubescent.

Electric Ride, at Santa Anita Saturday. The Board is calling this an “other” (“anaphylactic shock,” they say), but the 2-year-old had a timed workout that very day.

Luca’s Ride, in the 2nd at Los Alamitos yesterday. The chart said, “fell, vanned off”; the Board says this, too, was a “sudden death.” Luca was just four.

And from NY:

On the Dean’s List dead at Saratoga Friday – “anaphylactic reaction to antibiotics.” The 3-year-old was coming off a training session at that same track four days prior.

Dead horses every day. This, America, is your “Sport of Kings.”

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  1. Only a three-kill weekend, CHRB? Really?
    C’mon, all you pillars of transparency. You upholders of integrity. You monuments to racing credibility; you can tell us about the others, too. In fact, their admissions would help you segue rather smoothly into tomorrow morning’s Big Decision. You know, the one where you debate whether to punish the so-called trainers of all your dead horses?
    Should be quite an entertaining meeting. Can’t wait:)

  2. I hope that I live to see the day that California residents shut down this abhorrent, vile killing business.
    What ever happened to Bill 469?
    Like all others this is just another public tranquilizer that was intended to quell the outraged public, but as we now know means absolutely nothing.
    Horse racing will go to no lengths to keep killing racehorses to fill their wagering coffers.
    This is a vile, deeply corrupt business that facilitates abusers and killers.
    Just shut it down.
    A huge shoutout to those who show up at the CHRB meetings to hold them accountable for their continued deception and support of the never ending racehorse kills.

  3. So many have died, for no good reason, and still it go’s on. Why? What makes you who are so indifferent to life, keep repeating time after time what was done to begin with? The beautiful horses that were used and abused then toss as if they were nothing, the shame, the inhumanity. Oh, I am sure there are some that had their horses die that felt the great loss of their friend, not being able to feel the soft noses, watching them as they move gracefully about the corral, hearing that wonderful neighing as they recognize you and welcome you as their friend. But alas even with those few nothing has changed. It hasn’t changed but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. Folks I have experience the loss of a family member, pets that were a part of my family and I know. These horses were uniquely marvelous individuals that needed to be loved and cared for.
    It is time to put an end to lives dieing before their time, it just is. RIP sweet and beautiful equine you will be missed by someone, you left this earth long before you were supposed to.

  4. Gina, I must tell you this … the day before you commented last week, I said to myself “I miss Gina”. And then poof,as if out of nowhere, you commented. I kid you NOT. I have had this type of occurrence happen more than I can count ….in my time here (on Earth). There’s more out there, than what some can comprehend. Speaking for Myself…you are appreciated with your depth of understanding and Knowledge. I Always know you “get it”, with the intensity of my despair for these innocent horses, and their disgusting, egregious murders. For NO good reason, by the way.

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