The Industry Calls It a Spill; We Call It a Kill

The result for 3-year-old Voter Protection in the 3rd at Meadowlands last night: “injured and fell entering the first turn, then euthanized on the track.” Complicit in the kill: breeder Ocala Stud, owner Klaravich Stables, trainer Chad Brown, jockey Paco Lopez, Meadowlands Racetrack, the state of New Jersey, and, of course, all those who wagered on or attended U.S. horse races yesterday.

In its “coverage,” the vile Paulick Report ran this headline: “Paco Lopez X-Rayed For Possible Shoulder Injury After Meadowlands Spill.” Here, Mr. Paulick, is your “spill”:

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  1. I’m only surprised about the announcer actually making comments about the horse going down and rolling on the track. Usually the racetrack announcer does not keep talking about the horse that went down. The announcer usually keeps on calling the race as if nothing bad happened, as if a horse going down does not rate high enough to be mentioned more than a split second of time.

  2. Ever notice the trade rags only ever acknowledge a death if the equine victim happens to be a big-name stakes horse and/or million-dollar earner?

    Oh, but there’s always the one-percenters in which the little miscreant-with-a-whip gets a boo-boo — while the no-name horse invariably gets killed. Then, the racing press kinda has to publicly admit the poor horse’s outcome. If they didn’t, they’d get barraged with queries from racing “fans” who claim to care about equine welfare. (And dealing with those folks would be another hassle of doing racing “news” coverage.) Better just to admit/print the kill, then avoid mentioning the other 99-percent of racehorse deaths at all costs.

    That’s what they call journalism, racing style.

    • I notice it every time, Kelly – the headlines are the jockey’s “POSSIBLE SHOULDER INJURY” (it ain’t gonna kill him)…but their beloved equine athlete, a horse the “connections” loved like their own child, IS killed.

      So, believing what the racing industry and its mouthpieces claim, the jockey AND the horse are both their athletes whose welfare are important – yet they choose to spotlight a non-life threatening, POSSIBLE joint injury of one athlete when their other one is DEAD?!?

      Exactly like you said, Kelly – that’s racing-style journalism.

  3. Hey Apologists….what other so called “sport” sends it’s athlete participants to a KILL PEN? You scumbags have no shame. May you rot in ….

  4. Horseracing should have never ever been allowed to start with – all of these babies being pushed way beyond their limits for the god damn almighty dollar. May you bastards involved all end up with an early painful death you deserve nothing better.

  5. No, “matress mac” YOU ARE the problem,and people of your ilk. Tvg,makes a big deal of him donating 35,000 to disabled jockeys telethon. You should have written that check to the Horses … You gd m’fn IDIOT. Jockeys had a CHOICE. Horses are ABUSED SLAVES thanks to morons like you. Give that money to the horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If he donated $2,000,000 to an aftercare or to a Thoroughbred race horse rescue group, it might also bring some attention to the fact of what the industry does to the horses to the general public that are not aware of how bad the whole industry treats the horses!!!! Basically this whole industry produces them, uses and abuses them, grinds them up and spits them out!!!!! To the people of the general public that aren’t really aware of all the sickening, vile abuse and cruelty, the inhumane treatment, the killing and the dumping of the horses, a headline of a “philanthropist” in the news donating a large amount of money could help shed some light on the evils of horseracing. But, no. He made a 7 figure wager on a certain horse in the 2021 Kentucky Derby and now, as you point out, a 5 figure “philanthropic(?)” donation to/for the humans that get paid to abuse the horses with whips and sometimes small handheld electric shocking devices that are hidden, because using these devices is ILLEGALaccording to the rules (what rules!!??) of horseracing.
      His monetary contributions add to the illegal use of ILLEGAL MILKSHAKE RACE INJECTION in Thoroughbreds as well as the illegal use of ILLEGAL SHOCKING DEVICES used on Thoroughbreds. Isn’t he special????!!!!!!! He is contributing to AND supporting ANIMAL CRUELTY as well as illegal activities, the manufacturing and selling of these “products” that contribute to the INHUMANE TREATMENT OF THOROUGHBREDS!!!!! What a guy, right?????

      • Never happen Wanda. The scumbags in this evil sin are LAZY. They don’t want to WORK. They would rather keep leeching off of Majestic Horses. This gambling racket is no different than DOG FIGHTING. It is simply pure evil manipulated by LAZY men.

        • I don’t expect it to happen. I was just saying IF he did this…, it would bring more direct attention to the evil of abusing and killing horses for gambling/wagering and short-lived fame and fortune for the human participants. I can only hope and pray that there are enough people who can see through the snow job perpetrated by this furniture guy that also gets his kicks from perpetrating abuse on Thoroughbreds and become outraged enough to get involved in bringing this horse-abusing, horse-killing industry to an end. It’s worse than sad that anyone has to abuse animals to get an adrenaline rush and an ego trip out of it.

  6. Oh, and by the way ..good ol matress mac’s horse just got VANNED AWAY the other day (joyrunner).

  7. Yes, not only that horse, there have been others. One in particular last yr was a two yr old runhappy, in a juvenile stakes race at I believe Ellis Park,DIED in that race,and up to that point had been his sire’s only so-so progeny. Of course, Ellis Park 😒 as if that’s anything. The point is these men could give a rat’s *** about any of these horses ….. “NEXT”! Step up next victim.

    • Who knows how many young colts or fillies he may have brought into the abuse and torture of race training and they broke down and we didn’t hear about them because they were too young to be at a racetrack?

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