A “Sudden Death” Kill at Santa Anita

The CHRB has disclosed the training death of Kakistocracy at Santa Anita this morning, “sudden death,” they’re calling it. He was only five years old.

This is horseracing. Every. Single. Day.

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  1. This is nothing more than pure greedy animal abuse..
    Use defenseless beautiful animals ..
    Rob them of all the money they make for the nasty soulless pieces of crap and then dispose of them!!!
    All humans involved in the horse racing industry need to be shot!!

  2. Does anyone have any information to share about getting a measure on the ballot to end the “free pass” to get away with abusing horses to death for purse money and wagering in the State of California?

      • This was discussed to a point on this site in about 2019ish, but it would cost money, lots of it, to get a measure on the ballot. Senator Dianne Feinstein is 88 years old now from what I read on the internet. She had expressed interest in protecting racehorses (whatever that means) in the past, but many other people are needed to stop Horseracing! This “tradition” of this so-called Sport of Kings is neverending torture and killing of racehorses.
        I am wondering if anyone is actually working on the basic nuts & bolts aspect of making this a reality. What needs to be done between now and the time it would be a reality for the voters to go to the polls and vote Horseracing in California into a thing of the past? End the Free Pass to using, abusing and killing horses for racing and wagering!

  3. I am beginning to get a picture of all race horse owners and everyone in the horse racing industry as monsters. I keep hoping there are some concerned owners out there but I am seriously beginning to wonder. What a tragedy that this so called sport continues in any way, shape, or form.

  4. No empathy at this place whatsoever, but karma is a bitch. Just alongside those involved in that poor death of another horse, but in Puerto Rico. All they did was videotape the slow death while everyone just watched and workers taking off the riding gear on the horse while it was probably having a seizure, may he RIP

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