Where’s the Humanity?

Not that anyone reading should need it, but here is further motivation to sign and share this petition to shutter Camarero in Puerto Rico. Yes, it is graphic – practically unwatchable. If you do, however, get to the end, I’d be curious to know whether you have the same bad thoughts as I toward the people just milling about as this horse suffers and dies. How humans lose their way – their (innate) compassion, their hearts, nay, their souls – is one for the psychologists and sociologists. (While I do know that this death occurred at Camarero, I cannot, unfortunately, provide any other details.)

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  1. I can’t watch this video it breaks my heart just seeing the horse laying on the track and no one is tending to him. There is no HUMANITY in horseracing! Too many of these magnificent horses die everyday and no one cares!

    • We need to contact Webster Dictionary. The definition of “humanity” is the bastards that are on the sidelines watching this dispicable display.

  2. Fact: Horseracing cannot exist without horses suffering and dying. It seems to be just part of the routine with a horse dying in the mud on the track in Puerto Rico while the jockeys and other people watch and while other horses are being exercised on the racetrack. This egregious cruelty to horses must be recognized and punished. I have signed the petition and hope many more people will sign it also.

  3. This is the saddest and most horrific thing I have ever seen. That poor horse in pain, scared and no one ending her misery. After this image I’m done with horse racing. I wonder how long she suffered?

  4. Well, I watched this video and what was so appalling was not one person comforted this horse, even with a hand or perhaps a comforting word. These people are inhuman and treat the horses in their care abominably.

    • Deborah, outside the glam oceanfront resorts and Old San Juan, there is a WHOLE other world there. This is coming from someone I spoke with casually years ago who lived there. I made a whole big thing about how lucky he was to live in a tropical “Paradise”. Well after a summary of how it was not…and a new picture painted. This video just confirms what the story tells for sure.

  5. If you are faint hearted and have human decency please do not view this video. What pieces of garbage on the sidelines.

    • Same here Karen. My mind races at times at night thinking about what these BEAUTIFUL horses are going through. A society is judged by the way they treat animals.

  6. The love of money. OMG please help us! Humans don’t really care about human suffering either. Heartbreaking 😭

  7. As far as we know, the suffering went on for a lot longer than the 2 min video; Maybe I’m missing something, but it appeared to be a work-out situation in mud (not an “official” race), possibly with no veterinarians around, and no public-in-the-stands. They had no need to shield anything from the public, euthanize, or van off (?). The nonchalance of the few standing around, IMO, indicates this is common place–nothing new or unusual; just what happens. Plus, without administering drugs, they may get a few dollars for the body for meat processing. Can only imagine how often this plays out (and may not get reported–who’s going to whistle-blow?) both in the U.S. and globally. Horseracing is nothing more than a sleazy, cruel, and greedy gambling racket; it must be continuously exposed to the public to reach a tipping point to ban it completely.

    • It states on the petition page in one of the red-lettered sections that they have a pit to bury the dead horses, a mass pit near the river. The way they killed this horse is not the way that animals are slaughtered for their meat.

  8. Pain, deep in the pit of my stomach. I can’t find the words to describe my feelings. Thank God for Patrick Battuello, with his unwavering dedication to exposing this vile industry!

  9. What the HELL is WRONG with people? Anyone who is enabling horse racing has BLOOD on their hands. Even you people who are writers of columns for horse racing rags. In other words …anyone who is enabling this sin of TORTURING majestic noble horses. And by the way …disgusting lazy humans OWE so much to horses for ALL they have done for lazy humans.

  10. Just seeing the still picture of the horse lying on that muddy track was more than enough for me.

  11. And I strongly urge owners to STOP selling their “unwanted” to Puerto Rico.
    These people know what the horses are faced with – a life of extreme misery , overwork, and further injuries until death. And that is if they survive shipping in “modified” containers for days aboard freight liners ….
    The “lucky “ horses die before they get to that hell hole.
    Where is the humanity? A good question with a simple answer – there is none.

  12. That is one of the most cruelest horse deaths we have ever seen! This place should be shut down now. Hope the petition is honored. That poor horse to have suffered & been forced to gallop on such a crummy surface as that!

  13. My tears flowed to watch this video and I’m sorry to say this but it should have been the heartless, gutless ‘rider’ laying in the mud, dying alone and obviously distressed. Shame on those vile, brain-dead, soul-less morons who just stood and watched and even laughed.

  14. I did watch to the end and every part of me wanted to sit in the mud and stroke that horse on his/her face and speak gentle words. Then when the horse was gone I would let my RAGE out on everyone there.

  15. I can’t bring myself to watch the video. I can only imagine what this poor horse went through.

  16. Oh my. Society is fucked. That poor dying horse, surrounded by shitty humans. That’s so painful to watch and I cried. The horse just needed one human to have compassion, and tenderly stroke it, to give it comfort, to let it know it was not alone. Toxic masculinity of a sub-human kind.

  17. There’s nothing I can say and no comfort I can offer. I can cry but how will it help?

  18. This poor innocent horse suffered an agonizing death. She was clearly in pain and all the humans did was watch it die. There could have been some type of compassion toward her suffering. Watched by humans but completely alone and terrified. There is no “humanity” in horse racing. This is deplorable and we do not need this kind of “entertainment”.

  19. I normally can watch almost any of these type of videos. But I just cannot bring myself to push the button. I hate all the motherfuckers that race horses or any other animals. It’s repulsive and immoral. But I believe that the majority in this world have slowly become immoral, disgusting and depraved. This is what happens when people worship money over everything else!!! People have no souls therefore value nothing with one. People have never valued other living creatures and things.

  20. So sickening. Not one person would even provide a soft dry blanket or the shirt off their back for the horse’s head which is laying in very muddy water. Their only concern was to remove their valued tack from the dying horse. No gentle touch, no soft kind words were offered to a horse who gave his all.

  21. This is so sad and disgusts me as a person that loves and cares for all animals. They deserve the best of treatment and their freedom to live a happy and comfortable life. Humans have no humanity or respect for these animals. They should be charged for their crimes.

  22. Horse racing should be outlawed everywhere. Horses are treated as commodities rather than sentient beings.

  23. Horse racing should be outlawed everywhere. Horses are treated as commodities rather than sentient beings. When will people decide that animals’ lives are more important than the money that can be made exploiting them?

  24. Stop racing these horses its cruelty and needs to stop now. Find yourself and kind of enjoyment and let these poor horses alone.

  25. I cannot watch this Video as it is so Uncalled for. These Animals are losing their lives & Suffering to entertain people & for money. No Animals life is worth that

  26. Shutter Camarero in Puerto Rico! Please close down the brutal horse races where horses suffer and die and the people involved care only about money! Stop horse races permanently now! The animal cruelty is disgusting and evil.


  28. The pain of this horse is too great to be allowed by any person. HORSERACING MUST BE STOPPED EVERYWHERE AND MADE ILLEGAL.

  29. Aside from all the outrage over this, I’m puzzled why the horse died. I see no obvious sign of injury or anything else that would be a clue. Can someone enlighten me what is going on here?

    • I’m thinking stroke or heart attack. You can see horse twitching and shaking. Sure looks like a heart attack happening

  30. Omg my heart is broken I would have honestly laid down in that mud next to that poor horse and stroked her/his head till the very last moment.
    I wish a slow agonising death to those monsters especially the ones who stood and watched ☠️
    Sometimes I really Hate humans 💔
    God bless your soul you poor baby 😭💔💔💔 I’m sorry those ‘so called humans” failed you.

  31. This is gross negligence and lack of caring for this dying horse! These people should be ashamed! No comforting or quick euthanasia, just ignoring the poor horses dying!

  32. Why is this allowed barbaric cruelty beyond understanding the so called human race has so much to answer to when it comes to the hideous treatment of innocent souls 😔🙏🏻

  33. Dont mean to offend anyone, I agree with all your comments but just wondering if all of you are Vegan? A horse is not any more “special” than any other creature like the ones you devour on your plates. Until the atrocities END toward ALL Living Beings there will be no peace.

    • I bet you sat there and watched the video and had no feelings for that horse. That horse is at the mercy of the people that pushed the horse until it broke down. Now they let it slowly suffer and die while they are probably laughing at it.

    • I don’t eat anything that had a mother but horses have a special place in my heart. Killing animals for supposed entertainment is particularly heinous.

    • Andrea, thank you for visiting the site and caring about the horses and all animals. About your point that someone has to be vegetarian or vegan to care: Single issue causes like this one are important to bring an issue, the suffering of one species (horses here) to the consciousness of the public. This can (and does) contribute to the progression toward vegetarian or vegan, but to be vegan to care about the plight of horses or other animals isn’t necessary. Opening your heart and mind to animals is.

      As a long time vegan and a single-issue cause activist, I have seen nearly 100% of non-veg protestors who showed up for a circus protest, or horseracing protest become vegetarian or vegan within months of attending (fighting for, being a voice for these animals). They showed up at those events because they were angry with the way the elephants, tigers, horses were treated and we welcomed them to fight along with us not judging where they were in life. They were there and that’s what mattered and our kindness and respect helped the rest fall into place.

      Nicole Arciello, Executive Director, Horseracing Wrongs

      • In our parochial school whose faith believes in temperate living & moderation in all things. Our class once was taken on a field trip to of all things, a slaughter plant! That changed us for MANY years & we became vegetarian for quite some time. This occurred around 1972. Unfortunately at that time it was very difficult to be vegan or vegetarian as opposed to today.Later after seeing the results of non-plant based diets laden with cholesterol shortening many of our family members lives from cardio issues we have been vegan since 2004. By doing so we have already surpassed the age of our father who had his 1st heart attack with resulting strokes at the age of 63. The patriarch of our family was passed by the too young age of 69! By utilizing a vegan diet we extended our mothers life by at least 10 years according to our health care cardio Dr.s as she lived until almost 91. This despite she suffered from congestive heart failure.. Our farm vet discovered the hard way that just being vegetarian is not enough even if eating eggs & cheese & milk raised on your own farm organically. Because he suffered a massive heart attack at 55 requiring a double bypass where he was life- flighted to an emergency major cardio hospital facility after having just gelded a horse. The farm owner had to help him in her truck & get him as fast as possible to our hospital. Her farm was way to remote for an ambulance to get to quickly enough. If your family genome has naturally occurring high amounts of cholesterol one needs to be all vegan for health reasons.Our cholesterol is 193 without any med.s whatsoever. At 1st we tried the statin drugs, talk about side effects! We could not go up the stairs we made ourselves at the lowest , smallest 5 mg pill cut in 1/2! For many, vegan is a healthier way of life, albeit, sometimes inconvenient as one can almost never eat out!

        • Fredjoan, a product of the meat and potato generation, I really believe the vegan way of eating is actually gaining in popularity. The food chains are offering more choices and it seems restaurants are seeing a new trend. People also are showing a better respect of health care.

  34. Sorry, this will etched in my mind forever and I only watched 1/3 of the video. Heartless, truly hearless

  35. This is horrific. I feel for that poor horse who suffers lying there on that muddy track. And, incredibly, no one does anything to put him out of agony. They just look on. What the hell happened to compassion, empathy and humanity?

  36. I tried to watch. I got to where the guy stripped the tack from that poor horse and he laid his head in that mud pit. The. horse looked bewildered as he lowered his head into the mud. He knew he was dying….
    I started to feel physically ill.
    As for the so called humans milling around and chattering like magpies, they are lacking what it takes to be a decent human being. They are not civilized…
    Everyone in this business bears responsibility for this sick cruel spectacle.

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