No Surprise: Fulmini Dead

I have confirmed that Fulmini, a “collapsed on the gallop out” at Gulfstream Saturday, is (of course) dead. Fulmini (below) was three; ’twas his 15th time under the whip.

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  1. The Stronach Group and the people who kill horses by racing, doping, whipping and shocking them should be in prison. That includes the racing commissioners and stewards.

    • Never was a good time for us at the track once we discovered the truth of the sad futures these beautiful horses had in store for them.The truth took awhile for us to discover many years ago on our own before this site was established.

      • Same with me. I just enjoyed watching beautiful horses and once in awhile I would go to a crappy little track near East St. Louis. Watching the horses getting saddled and one of them was throwing her head up as they walked her around. Her eyes were so weird. I left at that point and have never been back.

  2. There is an article in the Paulick Report that says a certain jockey got suspended for 30 days for not basically, as far as I can tell, whipping the hell out of his horse to make the horse win, place, or show. Evidently, there must be some unhappy gamblers complaining about a jockey not whipping the horse. The stewards at Gulfstream suspended him for ‘failure to persevere’ so his mount came in fourth instead of third or better. Who knows? Maybe the horse’s life was spared? Who in horseracing cares about the horse????!!! Certainly not the stewards or the gamblers!!!!

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