More Steeplechase Evil

There were two steeplechase events held in the U.S. Saturday, at Genesee in New York and Middleburg in Virginia. Combined, 57 horses started 10 races. Out of those 57, only 43 finished their races – a 25% failure (meaning could not complete the course) rate. Among those 14 “DNFs,” at least 6 fell. (Another horse “hit a wing,” which I presume to mean hit a hurdle.) Here is the sequence for one of those fallen, Rocket Star Red at Genesee. A witness said that, either through sheer exhaustion, or, more likely, injury, the 9-year-old Rocket never even tried to get up.

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  1. Never have liked jumps racing! Way too hard on horses as is all types of racing. Should be outlawed as has been fox hunting has been in many places.

    • The regulars know how much I loathe the barbaric STEEPLECHASE.
      Run miles and miles,over the hurdles carrying weight of the jockey.
      Animal abuse at its worst

  2. What a disgusting event. What does this prove? How idiotic human beings can be toward other forms of life?

  3. Hey Keri Brion- such a great sport huh?!
    In one of the races, a horse refused to start. Refused? Wait – I thought they LOVE doing this. So why would a horse refuse??
    And in other races- the horses that actually did finish- pretty much CRAWLED across the finish line because they were so fatigued! For the horses that dumped riders, numerous ran off the course. Wouldn’t they have stuck around to do what they love??
    What a shit show both of these meets were.

    • Of note, this is also not the 1st time that poor Rocket Star Red has fallen while racing. Bet he just LOVES falling, for the measly money these poor horses may make (though the majority don’t).

  4. These loser so called “people” who do this for a living,need to GET A LIFE. Any form of horse racing is NOTHING but pure EVIL. The End.

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