Fillies Dead at Meadowlands, Golden Gate

The 4-year-old filly Dustinthewind in the 3rd at Meadowlands last night: “off a bit slow, was injured and pulled up on the backside, then euthanized.” And that’s that. Just another young life snuffed by this vile gambling business.

In California, Made in Karoo has been reported dead – “neurological” – at Golden Gate Thursday. She was three and had last been raced September 12.

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  1. I think it would be interesting to see how many people would get a different view of racing if they had an opportunity to go on a field trip of sorts to see what it’s really like down in the dirt on the racetrack and the activities and the noises and everything and how the horses are treated with nothing to filter out the bad stuff.

  2. I always think of California as a fairly liberal, progressive state. But not with this disgusting business. They have, I believe, 4 racetracks..
    Limiting the whip is a paltry step probably saving Zero horses. Pathetic.

  3. What other “sport” would allow its athletes to just die?
    DO NCAA football or basketball teams regularly report all the new deaths every day?
    How is this even allowed in our civilization? We kill horses, look away.

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