“Fell and Struck His Head,” Dead at Laurel

This chart note from the 5th at Laurel yesterday: “Tremendous was euthanized after he fell and struck his head on the ground during the post parade.” Imagine that scene. Tremendous was three years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. The horror show continues…
    And those who have the power to intervene do NOTHING!

  2. TREMENDOUS (KY), a gelding, was born on March 5, 2018.
    He was raced three times; twice at Belmont and once at Pimlico. All three races were Maiden Claiming. He finished first at Pimlico.
    April 25, 2021: Belmont Park, finished 5th.
    May 30, 2021: Belmont Park, finished 3rd.
    August 20, 2021: Pimlico, finished 1st.
    His connections:
    Breeder & Owner: Peter E. Blum Thoroughbreds, LLC
    Trainer: Horacio DePaz
    Jockey: Victor R. Carrasco. This is prior to the deadly incident at Laurel Park in Maryland.
    TREMENDOUS has a Workout History of 34 workouts starting on September 16, 2020.
    October 1, 2021 TREMENDOUS is the victim of another day of a psychotic episode by his connections in the “Sport of Kings” and note that the Maryland Jockey Club was founded in 1743.

  3. How does a young horse fall on his head during a parade and has to be euthanized? The horror continues!

    • I can’t help but think about what the horse was thinking. I think he anticipated the possibility of being crammed into the starting gate, and then possibly being shocked with the illegal electrical device that some jockeys are sneaky enough to get away with using. (Some jockeys get caught with them.) Even without the electrical shocking device the jockeys have whips! What horse would not fight the idea of all of the different “triggers” of bad and painful memories? The horse could have just panicked with fear and reared up and flipped over backwards and hit his head on the ground that way. I suppose the jockey reacted quickly enough to get out of the way.
      Keep in mind that he was in new surroundings since he had not yet raced at Laurel. I don’t know if he was stabled at Laurel or if they shipped him in from Pimlico just to race at Laurel. There are no timed workouts for TREMENDOUS at Laurel. He had won at Pimlico on August 20th so they could have given him a rest at the very least, but no. Haul him to Laurel Park and scare him so bad that he flips…

  4. It’s 2021 and far past time that we evolve as a species that doesn’t subject other species to this barbaric form of entertainment. We can do better in respecting our fellow beings. End horse racing now!

  5. We can no longer subject horses to a “sport” that leaves many of these individuals crippled or dead just so we can be entertained. It’s 2021 and we need to do better as a species in treating other species with the respect they deserve. Please end horse racing now.

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