Another Baby Killed at Santa Anita

In the 3rd at Santa Anita yesterday, Fight On Ron finished 5th, winning $1,220 for his people. A fine day’s work, wouldn’t you say? Turns out, though, he “sustained an injury late,” was “vanned off,” and subsequently euthanized. Fight On is the second 2-year-old to perish at Santa Anita in as many days. When will the media get it? You simply cannot reform the killing out of horseracing. It is what it is.

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  1. Forcing horses to gallop FAST carrying weight at the age of maturity is one thing, but to start them out as babies carrying the weight of a rider and forcing them to gallop and gallop FAST and faster is fundamentally WRONG. This is what the “Sport of Kings” is based on. Futurity races for two-year-olds and derby races for three-year-olds is basic to this psychopathic abuse that the human species all over the world, the planet Earth, refers to as the “Sport of Kings” and this is the challenge for activists who want this ingrained thought process to be “unlearned.” In order to stop a bad habit, you must replace it with a good habit. In this so-called “Sport of Kings” is a dark sub-culture of bad habits. These bad habits include cruelty to the horses, gambling/ wagering/betting, racketeering, a dark subculture of drugs and doping, the greed for money, and the lust for “prestige” if you will.
    This is a so-called “Sport of Kings” that needs to be done away with in the same way as bad habits need to be done away with.

    • These poor babies are put through speed trials at a year and half old to impress buyers at sales. This is just horrible. I’ve read necropsy reports from California racing and it gave me chills.

      • I watched a video of a young filly under two years of age. They made her run as fast as she could go and it sounded like a gun shot when the first front leg broke. Both of her front legs were broken. This is insane and defies common sense. It is definitely not horsemanship!!!! This is why I have an extreme hatred for the Keeneland and Fasig-Tipton sales auctions. They boast that a horse is a “Keeneland” graduate. If a colt or filly survives to be a three-year-old through Keeneland, it would be an oddity, in my opinion.

  2. While we are referring to Santa Anita, the ungodly race track that has shut down for several months (I would venture to guess after Armsrunner and LaSardane accident)downhill race….the horses gated at the top of the hill,sent off and downhill having to negotiate a
    precarious left turn. Running downhill and then the grass changes to dirt. This is what they do
    Wait awhile til everyone forgets and then renew the banquet again.

    • LA SARDANE (FR) was born on February 21, 2014 and Equibase lists her last race as being at Santa Anita; February 22, 2020; Race 5/ Buena Vista Stakes, Grade 2. LA SARDANE, a mare, finished Ninth (9th) out of Nine (9) horses. Another horse, TINY TINA, was disqualified (following a stewards’ inquiry) to Eighth place for interference in deep stretch.
      (What does this say about LA SARDANE finishing Ninth???)

      ARMS RUNNER, a Gray/Roan Florida-bred gelding was born on March 27, 2014.
      Trainer: Peter Miller,
      Owner: Rockingham Ranch,
      Breeder: Ocala Stud.
      His last race listed on Equibase is:
      Santa Anita on March 31, 2019; Race 4/ San Simeon Stakes (Grade 3)…
      ARMS RUNNER is listed as DNF.

      Thank you, Nancy, for the reminder of what Santa Anita did for and to THESE two horses. I had not been following these two horses.
      Santa Anita was the facilitating racetrack and the Stronach Group owns Santa Anita…

      • Wanda, LaSardane lived another day. Poor ArmsRunner did not. If those of you who are new to this site and ask why callous exists,please find the video of this accident. The 2 horses fell going down this hill, ArmsRunner dangling his leg bad. The 2 jockeys just took their saddles and walked away from the horses. ArmsRunner was trying to catch up with the jockey for comfort or to complete the race

  3. As long as there is profit and shady trainers involved in this “sport” these poor animals will be at the mercy of greed. The sad part is that most career ending horse racing injuries can be addressed with surgery and or therapy. The horse will never race again but instead would be destined to live its life running in a field. Insurance money wins out for these greedy owners and makes euthanasia the final choice for these poor animals..

  4. Hate horse racing. These animals are smart and should not be forced to race for our entertainment-there are people that just don’t have a heart-only a sense of greed and a thirst for entertainment. No matter the cost of life. We all need to vote to help animals and not turn our backs or pretend it doesn’t happen.

  5. Santa Anita is a killing machine! The trainers & owners don’t care for the horses one bit, no one, not the media, not the public, not anyone in the racing world. It’s all for how much $$$ you can make for me! Young horses shouldn’t be raced at all! Their bodies aren’t developed enough for such rigors of this racing!
    I don’t care what people think this abusive program should be outlawed!!!!

  6. Santa Anita racetrack must be shut down immediately. Too many horses have died at this track. I don’t understand why horses continue to die. Young horses should not be raced at all! Money must be changing hands to let the senseless killing go on. SHUT DOWN THIS TRACK IMMEDIATELY!

  7. I did not know about this abuse of young horses,and very sorry to hear.This small town has a race track,I have always disliked gambling culture.
    Very best wishes for your opposition,and your care for horses.

  8. Too bad money talks! This is insane running 2 or 3 year olds. They haven’t
    a chance for their bones to grow etc. End this atrocity once and for all. The
    devil will catch up with these killers.

  9. at two they should not be racing…they are not yet grown…and you know it…stop the killing.

  10. As usual, the racing press is busier than ever NOT covering the SADT carnage. Every other form of news, sports and social media is honed in on their never-ending killing streak. But not the so-called reporters and editors of the actual media which is SUPPOSED to cover the carnage.
    You won’t see, hear or read about the babies named Seven Summers or Fight On Ron in the various trade rags, nor on TVG (pretty sure the ‘G’ stands for Gory, Gruesome, Greedy), as their fine “journalists” pretend to report on the Super-Safe, Triumphant, Grand Reopening of the Infamous Santa Anita Death Track.
    But, with all the celebratory stories surrounding the SADT, who has time to actually report horse deaths, right?

    • EDIT: I’ve gotta give a one-time-only shout-out to the brave (ha ha) men and women at Horse Racing Nation. They and they alone — among their (ever-vigilant) racing press cohorts — actually did a STORY about the SADT’s (triumphant) opening two days of killing(!).
      There’s no byline, of course. And they apparently were fearful of promoting the piece on their Twitter page, BUT, STILL… I have to give credit where it’s due, and since I’m always critical of the generally-industry-sponsored (non-)coverage of horse kills by racing’s “journalists,” I’ll go ahead and say it to HRN: Thank you for not burying the account of these two baby horses’ deaths, as is customary for this killing game. I sincerely hope y’all don’t suffer too much blowback from the Stronachs and everyone else in this super-stellar, squeaky-clean game for your published admission;)

  11. The question is not can these horses reason, nor can they talk, but can they suffer?!!!!!!!!!

  12. People need to stop useing animals to make money , its abusive , cruelty beyond evil
    End this abomination now

    • Andrea, please keep talking, to everyone you know. This is the only way to raise awareness, as I’m amazed how much of the general public isn’t aware of the horrors of racing. Write to your elected officials. Show up to protests that are scheduled at various tracks around the country. Post everything you can on social media to spread the word. Our numbers are growing, and we are making headway, so being vocal is a good thing!

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