2-Year-Old Killed at Santa Anita This Morning

Seven Summers broke down while training at Santa Anita this morning and is dead. She was two years old and being prepped for her debut.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Her debut. As though she was destined for a life of glamour. She was just a baby not even given the chance to be a horse and enjoy open spaces and companionship.

  2. Yes, but look at the BRIGHT SIDE:

    The Super-Transparent, High-Integrity, Slimebob-Enabling, Stronach-Ass-Kissing California Horse Racing Board CLAIMS that the Cali Death Tracks had all gone almost ELEVEN DAYS without a single horse fatality of any kind, right up until today’s filly-kill at the SADT(!).

    How can anybody argue with that level of life-saving, super-safe safety success? I’m pretty sure we can’t;(

    • Good point, Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess we’re just not educated enough, you know, because according to THE EDUCATED PSYCHOPATHICAL HORSE-KILLING TRAINER of Steeplechase racing BALTIMORE BUCKO, it’s the “uneducated” that just don’t get it, you know….
      I mean I must be really, really ignorant (or is it iggnernt?) because I don’t know how to copy and paste the playbook for the sociopathic excuses for running horses to their death and have the “EDUCATED PSYCHOPATHICAL HORSE-KILLING TRAINER” mentality to say that the horse died doing what he or she loved doing. Yeah, I’m just not educated, right… I’m not EDUCATED in how to coldly and callously take a young, underdeveloped colt or filly that is less than one-third of the way to being MATURED and forcing him or her into a daily routine of servitude to the gambling INDUSTRY, Pari-Mutuel or otherwise. I am not EDUCATED in how to run a young horse into the ground and not have a conscience about it. I am not EDUCATED enough to put the *****ALMIGHTY DOLLAR***** ON A PEDESTAL so that the vain and evil things of this world are more important than showing Respect and Kindness to the horses.

  3. Disgusting greedy ass people are responsible for this torture!!! Horse Killing it is!!

  4. HORRIFIC!!!

    SICK!!! 🩸

    Rest in peace Seven Summers! At least we loved you but you only had two short years and Two Summers!!

  5. Santa Anita, you are a disgrace. The entire country is watching you- you kill horses EVERY month prematurely. Can someone please stop you!!

      • JEAN, I think it will take a ballot measure for the registered voters of California to vote Horseracing out of existence in the State of California. From what I have read, it will take approximately $5 Million (or maybe more) to make it possible to get a measure on the ballot. I would appreciate hearing from someone else who knows more about this. I live in the Pacific Northwest, not California.

        • Thank you Wanda. I am in California and if anyone wants to form a group to get this going or knows of a group that is looking for a volunteers please let me know. Thank you for caring everyone.

        • We also live in the Pacific NW. How sad that 7 summers only had 2 in this life! So glad that many of the tracks we used to gallop on are gone such as Portland Meadows, Lone Oak park etc.Economics of operations & declining interest in this “crooked,crummy, gamboling game” will slowly but surely eliminate this industry especially with decoupling from casinos or other forms of gamboling.Once the public becomes aware of how this subsidized industries $$ can be put to better uses for the public good the decline will really take off.

          • I just signed a petition against starting a racetrack in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. It’s on Horseracing Wrongs on Facebook and I also shared it on Facebook. Society does not need Horseracing anywhere! It’s Animal Cruelty!!!!

    • A comment made by one of the poster’s here stated that California registered voters need to put this on a ballot – let me know if there is a group prepared to do this so I can help – please let me know. I am here in CA.

  6. These poor horses just don’t stand a chance at any kind of real life in the hands of folks who see only money in the place of a beautiful, unique and irreplaceable living being who deserves so much more than to be pushed, prodded and drugged. If this is all that the horseracing “industry” is, it might as well shut down. It is the one “species” that deserves to go extinct!

  7. ‘Just another casualty’ says the fat-assed, money-grabbing, profiteering POS that claim to ‘love their horses’ and that the horses themselves ‘love’ to run….yea they ‘love’ to run, and fall, and DIE, all for the sake of the filthy, stinking dollar. But never mind,there’s always another innocent, defenseless horse ready to take its place, ready to be totally exploited, ready to be run into the ground, ready to send to the slaughterhouse if its NOT killed first on the track or in training.

  8. Continuous crime on racetracks and it’s all legal.
    Track “accountability” is apparently a joke – at best.

    • Gail, I beg to differ on the point that all the CRIME committed on racetracks is all legal. I think there’s a lot of illegal things going on that aren’t being caught or enforced. Of course, the heinous cruelty to horses is absolutely NOT HORSEMANSHIP. Sickeningly enough, horses can be legally slaughtered in foreign slaughterhouses and the mentality of so many people is that horses are livestock which means that there is a certain ugly attitude that, in some people’s minds, horses are for slaughter eventually anyway. So enforcement of certain infractions are not going to be bothered with (by some people) as you aptly pointed out — a lack of accountability. But, Horseracing ITSELF is absolutely Animal Cruelty.

  9. This murdering of of such beautiful, dignified creations, beings is INEXCUSABLE, DISGUSTING, psychopathic: all in the name of greed, gambling. Horse racing is the ultimate comodification of nature and beauty. Just another whim of the ruling so-called elite.

    Hang your vacuous heads in SHAME!!!

  10. The death was at that track and I’m sure the breaking down of Seven Summers started at the farm. I know horse ‘farm’ sounds nice but it is also a place of death when the farm begins the training process. It is not patient or kind; ears and lips pulled for the Vet and trimmings, tripping in the pasture if the “baby” is too afraid to go with the farm hand, and baby bones pushed on a track. If they don’t have a bowed tendon or two at this point, it is good news but many times it is not caught. Then off to the death track and solitary confinement.

    • The word “farm” doesn’t necessarily sound nice, especially when you see the pictures and the videos of real life factory farming, or see any type of the farming practices in person. The illustrations that were done for children’s books in the 1950s do not represent the reality of Animal Cruelty in factory farming.
      The reproducing of horses for racing as well as other disciplines involve a lot of serious abuse as you point out. This filly, SEVEN SUMMERS, could have been injected with growth hormones and steroids to make her more appealing to the racing industry psychopaths. There is nothing nice about that. We don’t have a way of knowing how many horses are killed on the farms before they get to the racetrack.

  11. Absolutely sickening. I know it will probably never happen but this so called sport needs to be outlawed. I feel ashamed that there are so many people out there who support it.

  12. Just want to cry. Precious Summer, now you can rest in peace and not be subjected to the horrors and abuse of horse racing. Feel God’s heavenly grace with you.

  13. Oh, this poor beautiful baby!! Horse racing should be outlawed!! This is animal abuse!!
    So glad Arlington (IL) has shut down!

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