Filly Dead at Finger Lakes

The 2-year-old filly Tavernette died at Finger Lakes yesterday – “unresolved and worsening EPM.” She had yet to be raced.

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  1. Saying “she died” sounds like she was not euthanized by a veterinarian. How long must a horse suffer with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis before dying on their own without euthanasia? It can be prevented by keeping grain in sealed containers and controlling opossum populations around the barn. It is absolutely sad that this young, underdeveloped filly was stabled at a race track in the first place, but to be subject to the suffering of neurologic disease made it worse. She was doomed to suffer from the start from being exploited by the Pari-Mutuel gambling industry. This industry must be held accountable for the abuse and neglect of horses.

    • Perfectly clean water is important too! A relative of ours horse caught EPM from contaminated & filthy dirty water by her using an unable to be cleaned 52 gallon plastic can for her horses water! Many thousands of $$ later after Wiley caught EPM & being treated at our states local veterinary college he recovered & lived into his mid-twenties.As a thoroughbred with Seattle Slew pedigree we think that helped in his surviving. You cannot believe how many times our father & us tried to clean out Wiley`s water can! Bleach, strong soap, nothing could ever get the horrible smell out of the plastic can. Always have water clean enough for you to drink from.

      • Clean water is so basic to good health that it seems like a no-brainer. That’s hideous that anyone could have a horse and not provide a proper container and clean water for the horse to drink. Wow, just wow. People who own and train Thoroughbreds really should have to take a basic knowledge test, you know, to see if they are at least as smart as a “Fifth-grade” child/student.

        • Wanda, Fred and Joan, just a tidbit of my readings and snooping, Charlie Davis in an interview said that Mr. Eddie Sweat used to clean Secretariat’s dinner and water bowls every meal with the proper cleaning tools to keep him healthy.

          • Nancy, I once saw a man give his horse a drink straight from the water hose. I was impressed. That was the only time in my life that I have ever seen a horse drink directly from a water hose.

          • I read somewhere that if you keep a horse’s water so you wouldn’t mind drinking it yourself, then you keep good water.

            • Right, who would want to drink out of a watering trough with green algae growing in it complete with mosquito larvae developing in it???

  2. These people are so devoid of even the most basic facets of horse care that it’s disgusting, and the fact that so many horses with grievous illnesses or injuries are not mercifully euthanized but are simply left to die on their own shows a level of callousness that is truly chilling.

  3. Tavernette never been raced or able to ever have a life DEAD! Obviously no one ever cares about the horses only when they win! Terrible people in horseracing!

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