Disgusting: Almost Five Years Removed From His Last Race, Mox Nix Killed at Belterra

Mox Nix was bred back in May 2013. He was first raced three years later, at Belterra Sep 9, 2016, by owner/trainer Robert Bennett. Bennett raced him three more times that year, all in Ohio. Except for a second-place finish in October, Mox was not particularly “successful,” with a second-to-last, 32+ lengths back in his final race, on Halloween. Or, what appeared to be his final race.

Yesterday – after almost five years away from the track – Bennett inexplicably and unconscionably brought the now 8-year-old back. And guess what? He’s dead, having broken down in the 8th at Belterra. While it goes without saying that Robert Bennett is despicable, there is plenty of blame to go around. Where, pray tell, was the racing secretary? The stewards? The track vets? Nowhere, of course – not a one willing to step up for this poor animal. For shame, to you all.

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  1. “Need a bit of pocket change for the weekend, so let’s throw this out-of-condition waste of an underachiever whose been hobbling around the barn for the last five years out there and see what happens.”

    “Broke down, huh? Did we at least get $50 bucks out him?”

    • You hit the nail on the head for sure Rebecca. That was undoubtedly the trend of thought. Pathetic and sad and disgusting.

  2. What a tragedy for Mox Mix, obviously there is no one ever around to speak for the animals. Why employ a vet if they don’t do their job. I’m still upset over what happened to Happy Happy B, so worried about the jockey but no one concerned over the horse’s fall right before the finish line. All the announcer said was the horse didn’t cross the finish line. Dispicable people!!

  3. So this is the “Sport of Kings”…???!
    What a glorified term for an equine slaughter facility…!!!!
    The racetrack owners, operators, racing secretary, stewards, veterinarian/s, the Pari-Mutuel gambling people were/are all facilitators of horse killing at Belterra Park, Cincinnati, Ohio (and every operational horse-racing track in existence) for the degenerate psychopaths that masquerade as “licensed” horse trainers.
    The cold, cruel callousness of the racing and Pari-Mutuel gambling participants to use horses as gambling chips and if the horse is broken/damaged just let the horse die a painful death or euthanize the suffering horse if/when he/she is taking too long/too much time to die on his/her own and holding up the rest of the race card for the day.
    (Where is our friend Teresa now?)

    • Wanda, regarding your response to the loss of Mox Nix. Please share your sentiments to the Facebook audience via a public sharing of this tragedy. In my opinion, anyone participating in horse racing front side personnel or backstretch all who enjoy the sufferings of these poor horses are as you said psychopaths. .

  4. Again, everyone in racing has slithered out from their huddled-up, top-secret horse-killing-club-hideout to condemn the actions of one of their own because the inevitable happened.

    That’s right, all you self-righteous, “responsible, horse-loving” equine abusers. Selectively haul out your pitchforks for the connections of Mox Nix — and don’t forget a healthy dose of your condemnation for track staffers and so-called regulators in your sick game — for doing what you ALL do every damned day: actively breaking down young horses for bets, then throwing them away.

    But y’all just keep right on saddling the next crop of 2-year-olds (YEARLINGS who haven’t yet been culled from the blessed ranks of your anti-sport); confine, isolate, drug and whip them; then run and hide, circle the wagons and deny any knowledge of it when they suffer hideous, life-ending accidents — or worse, don’t meet your high (rock-bottom-low) racing standards and then are dumped into the slaughter pipeline.

    Yeah, it’s not YOU GUYS who’re the problem here. It’s just Robert C. Bennett. It’s just Belterra. It’s just the lack of national oversight. But, don’t worry: the laughably-titled HISA will be along soon enough to save you all;)

    • I read that there are some “horse-people” who were against the idea of being subject to the oversight of the Federal Trade Commission. I wonder just how the FTC is going to address the corruption and illegal use of drugs, both legal drugs and illegal drugs, on horses.

      • I don’t wonder that at all, Wanda…because we all know it CAN’T address ANY of racing’s issues. Not the cruelty. Not the corruption. Not the kills. Not the drugs. Not the horse disposal problem created specifically by racing. Not the so-called cheating within its ranks (Slimebob is merely a symptom). Not the horrifying (and unavoidable) breakdown pics and videos that could once be hidden by everyone in this sick game, but are now circulated daily because of the public’s access to social media (and because of HW and the work of Patrick;)…
        Let’s see, where was I? Oh, that’s right; tallying up all the elements of this dying blood sport that the hilariously-titled Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act won’t be able to even address, much less correct. Ahem…
        Not the Servises and the Navarros (because even they will be welcomed back with open arms from federal prison by SOME dirtbag, horse-killing enabler at some shithole, horse-killing track which will need their entries to fill a card. Not the element of seedy, violent cretins who populate all levels of the game in their endless quests to become “Kings,” regardless of how many hundreds of dead young horses they cycle through on their road to royalty. Not the “medication” overages. Not the whipping/beating “image problem.” Not the veterinary “professionals” who’ve sold their soul to do the “work” required of them (only) by the tracks…Okay, I’m tired of this.
        Good luck to HISA (lol, as our new friend “Teresa” would say;)

        • You covered a lot of elements of this racing and gambling, horse-exploitation and horse-killing game, Kelly. I do however expect that there will be somewhat more publicity about the horse-abusing creeps whining that they can’t get away with some of the illegal stuff (as easily) that they have been doing in the shadows for so long and getting away with it for the most part.
          I don’t think the number of racehorses injured and killed will change. I do think that there will be more whining protests of this and that as far as what evils they are allowed to get away with as far as the laws governing drugs are concerned. Of course, HORSERACING will always be what it has always been. I just think more people’s eyes will be opened to exactly what horseracing really is, because of the additional publicity thanks to HISA (for whatever that’s worth).

          • Sounds like we fundamentally agree: the hilariously-named HISA won’t save a single racehorse’s life. But it’ll add an extra level of P.R. work for the tracks and the ever-vigilant (ha ha) racing press when they go to whitewash all the carnage.
            You’re all gonna be on double-death-cover-up duty, racing “reporters.” Better start polishing up those so-called journalism skills;)

        • Hey Kelly … I think it’s more a case of a new much younger wife 🤣. (Gotta keep the new one FLUSH.) I know….ya know what I mean.

  5. Disgusting? – absolutely. But to all of the racing-employed and supporters who are going nuts over this gelding’s death, what’s the problem? – hey, you’re always defending your beloved “sport” claiming racing is no different and no more dangerous than the “racing” my horses do in their own pastures!

    Once again, industry members and fans incriminate themselves and their damn horse-killing “sport”. Another nail in racing’s coffin? – you BET it is.

    • Right?! So weird to see them get all holier-than-thou about this one horse death, when, what? Point zero-something percent of their daily racing breakdowns happen to horses who’ve come off a few-years’-long layoff?
      But, of course, total silence from everyone in the whole sick biz when the OTHER 99-plus percent of their equine victims do their dying on the tracks.
      Keep pointing those fingers, horse killers. You’ll find your “bad guys” of racing sooner or later;)

      • Right on. It was MoRE disgusting Trevor Mcarthy , NOT pulling up his mount at scumbag Aqueduct …..March 2018. I don’t respect you Trevor. You gave an interview last yr in ca. telling interviewer (I think Brittany) your father told you something like just get the money for the trainer. You piece of crap. You whipped him to finish 3rd with a right front leg that snapped with a 1/8 th to go. March 2018 never forget. I know I won’t.

        • Bonnie, your comment sums up Horseracing in a nutshell. The jockey saying that his father said “… just get the money for the trainer.” That epitomizes what horse racing is all about!!! This mentality of “just get the money…” even if it means to beat the hell out of the horse no matter what, as if it doesn’t matter what happens to the horse… You know, just beat the hell out of the horse and get the money. That is NOT INTEGRITY or SAFETY!!!! I think most people are aware of this fact. I think most people are intelligent enough to know what integrity and safety are defined as, but in this business of ***extreme brutalization of horses for gambling bets and purse money***, the unscrupulous behavior is rampant.

          • Right on Wanda. They worship the dollar….as opposed to the horses lives. I really couldn’t believe what I heard in that interview with tvg’s Brittany Eurton. I’m not blaming her… Trevor was the one who said it. I know Aqueduct has had a very high breakdown rate for YEARS!!!!!!!

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