2-Year-Old “Falls Heavily,” Dead at Belmont Today

The 4th at Belmont just a little while ago: “Happy Happy B was closing in belatedly when suffering an injury seventy yards from home to the right front, fell heavily in the shadow of the wire…and was euthanized on [the] track.” The 2-year-old Happy is the 83rd horse killed at a NYS track this year – all subsidized by taxpayers.

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    • We saw this horse break down on her right fore leg. Very catastrophic! Announcer did mention later how the 2 year old filly was euthanized on the track once. The jockey was mentioned quite a few more times as he was taken to hospital & as he attempted to get to his feet he was told not to & wait for the back board & EMT crew to carry him off the track & to the 1st aid of the track where later it was decided to take him to a NY hospital.The poor filly was only mentioned twice.Can`t stand the useless gamboling angles & supposed good plays of the commentators. Only watch occasionally to remind us of why we quit in 2005.

  1. These horse-abusing, horse-killing degenerates killed their horse, a baby horse, in his third race. HAPPY HAPPY B was a stakes horse. This “sick-beyond-words” killing of a young, underdeveloped Thoroughbred colt is a kind of routine practice for these filthy DEGENERATE gamblers. Belmont is a place where DEGENERATE gamblers go to place bets on horses and horses are forced by the horse racing participants to gallop FAST carrying weight and be whipped while doing so. May justice prevail at some point!

    • Also during the TDN web cast we noticed a lame pony horse leading the #5 in the 1st race as well & also the #4 was pulled up too.Lots of injured horses today! How can people waste their $$ on this” crooked , crummy , gamboling game!” We feel greatly for all these unfortunate horse participants.

      • These horses were at Churchill. One can still see the Belmont breakdown if you have saved the webcast for viewing later as we have done.

  2. NYRA, has been feeling very insecure for quite some time now, the quality and effectiveness of what they offer to the ‘big stage’,they (ny) have not been relevant for a long time now….so what do they do….they kill two horses this weekend (both in stakes races). Whatever…I guess it’s a race to the bottom. 😒 can we make this stop?

  3. I just took the time to send an e-mail to the new governor. I hope and pray she takes the time to look into this horrific on-going tragedy. It simply cannot continue any longer.

  4. I find it rather curious that while the 2-year-old colt, HAPPY HAPPY B, is listed as a DNF on Equibase, his jockey, Jose Ortiz, is listed as having finished 5th. Interesting…

    • I did not see the print that you are talking about but I would conclude it’s either a typo or his brother Irad that finished 5th in that race. What a corrupt choice of making a living.It only exists1) because,this most corrupt business is New York States biggest money earner.2)There is so much cash coming in through this type of betting and passing through so many hands before it gets to the top (GOV’T) it’s very easy for people in charge to skim off the top to the point where nobody will miss it.3) ANYTIME you have cash lingering around “THIEVES”- SOME OF THE CASH WILL DISAPPEAR. IT’s proven! what about the extra 1% take, that the NYRA bigs scraped in when no one was watching. IT IS PART OF ITS CULTURE. If it means killing horses for the dollar either through death by racing or death by collecting by insurance scam,it’s just their price for doing business. YES! Business as usual. Racing is a dirty game,from the bottom to the top. Where are the bigs that pulled that scam and what was their punishment? They were punished by being allowed to resign and then go to a different racing jurisdiction for a few years.( They’ll be back when that scam becomes a distant memory.) I don’t pretend to know all but what I do know these situations above are just scratching the surface.I also know that since The Asmusson EXPOSE, racing security here has beefed up its security on the backside,the last thing they want is an outsider infiltrating the BARN AREA with a camera and a wire. Their security is so paranoid and so focused regarding the possibility of another “EXPOSE” they failed to keep an “ALLEGED MURDERER” off their grounds. Profiling of “RACE”in reverse,the accused murderer was of dark skin which fits in with most other workers. If he were white and walking on the backside he might have been stopped. Just the price of doing business,when you have poorly qualified security. THIS POOR WOMAN WAS STABBED OVER FORTY TIMES BY AN EX BOYFRIEND,while working in the barn area. Maybe if their entire security force wasn’t so focused on keeping out white people who they may suspect of coming in with hidden cameras and wires,just maybe this poor woman would not have been murdered at the hands of some lunatic and would not have bled out on a dirty barn floor after forty stab wounds.But these are just my opinions.Oh by the way,I do believe that the only crime committed on the track that will bring a NASSAU COUNTY POLICE DEPT. RESPONSE. Is a “HOMOCIDE” any other kind of felony will be HANDLED by racetrack security and their KANGAROO justice system which means your on your own. Like the WILD WEST! Just my opinion.

      • Sophie D, this was a five horse race. It was not his brother. It was Jose Ortiz. It’s on Equibase. It was last night anyway.

      • Equibase >> Jockey Profile >> Jose L. Ortiz >> Results >> Belmont Park – 9/26/2021 >> Race 4 — Race Type — Bertram F. Bongard Stakes — Breed — TB — Horse — Happy Happy B — Finish — 5 — Trainer — Robertino Diodoro — Chart — (symbol) — Video — (symbol)

        News source: Thoroughbred Daily News — The Bertram F. Bongard Stakes for New York-breds at Belmont ended in tragedy.
        Happy Happy B broke down about 70 yards before the finish line and threw rider, Jose Ortiz. Jose Ortiz was sent to North Shore Hospital to have his left leg evaluated. His agent Jim Ricco Jr. reported Sunday evening Jose Ortiz was fine and not expected to miss any time due to the accident.
        *The horse that Jose L. Ortiz was riding was killed before the finish line and is listed on Equibase under Horse Profile as DNF.* *Happy Happy B was the horse that Jose L. Ortiz was riding.*

  5. I saw the race. Happy Happy B was finished and had no shot on winning or coming in 2nd. Jose Ortiz continued rushing and whipping the horse until finally Happy broke down. I think because of Jose actions, Happy died. Very very sad. Sometimes it’s unfortunately a accident. But most of the times it’s the trainers and jockeys fault.

    • I totally agree! It is of my belief that the track regulates the gaming commission,when it should be the other way around. I do believe the track allows trainers licensing and credentials by favor or who they have worked for. I highly doubt that most trainers ever took a written exam. I’ve also been told by one loose lipped insider that no one passes the trainers exam. If they relied on trainers passing an exam there would be no trainers.All racing jurisdictions seem to concur that the Health and Welfare of their EQUINE athletes come first and foremost.But they do allow people with little or no experience with horses to be credentialed and licensed. NO EXAM!.NO NOTHING.!Just pay your bills (VET-FARRIER-FEED GUY )and we will allow you to stable and race at our track. And it goes without saying and “DEFINITELY”nothing in writing. “OH I FORGOT TO MENTION,Don’t forget to show your “GRATITUDE”.Let’s not forget that element of “GRATITUDE” the most important element to gain admission.GRATITUDE to the right connections is a biggie. All of this is predicated upon this particular trainer OWNING HIS OWN HORSES. What happened to the Health,Welfare and Safety of the EQUINE ATHLETE? Oh I get it! So long as you don’t fuck up someone else’s EQUINE ATHLETE but its OKAY to FUCK UP your own EQUINE ATHLETE,if that’s what you choose to do. What happened to the concern about the EQUINE ATHLETE especially in the hands of trainer ( in title only ) who will,more than likely harm his horse either intentionally or accidentally through shear ignorance or greed.( possible insurance fraud ). “HYPOCRISY” seems to be a common THEME at this racetrack. Again all,just my opinions.

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