Sick Beyond Words

The 4th at Charles Town last night: “Cryptoblue fell over Ask Me How Iknow nearing the five sixteenths pole…the latter suffered a fatal injury and had to be euthanized on the track.” (I will update on Crypto as information comes in.)

Before taking a look, consider this: If there were another sport – a real sport – in which athletes were dying regularly (my work indicates almost six horses are killed racing or training across America every day), how do you suppose that sport would handle those deaths? Do you think that after the body was removed, the day’s action would continue? Worse, can you imagine a celebration for the winner while his dying compatriot lay prostrate on the field? It is sick beyond words.

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  1. If the public could learn this one point, “…six horses are killed racing or training across America every day),” a ban on horseracing might reach that needed national tipping point sooner. Local ordinances or state laws are equally important, and the dedicated work of HRW’s is helping to get us there.
    As a possible template to ban horseracing wire/internet gambling, HR 3335, the “Greyhound Protection Act of 2021” (unless amended by the usual opposing groups) may be a start. It reads: “To amend the Wire Act to clarify that gambling on commercial greyhound racing and field coursing using wire communication technology is prohibited.” Another part of bill appears to ban “…the transport of animals for the purpose of conducting or furthering commercial dog racing….” I’d prefer a complete ban on horseracing itself, but since gambling is the DRIVER, a similar gambling ban possibly has a better chance of passing (?).
    As an aside, the bill has a clause to not apply to the “Interstate Horseracing Act of 1978 (15 U.S.C. 3001 et seq.) as it relates to horse racing and other Federal laws in effect on the date of enactment of this Act.” Possibly that ancient Act is ripe to target for amending next; even the publicity might help…..

  2. Marilyn is correct. Have to eliminate the funding sources to stop the carnage of racing deaths & injuries. Stop the gamboling $$ from off track wagering & internet bets & the racing industry will be gone. Also need to eliminate all casino subsidies as well & dedicate those $$ for needed societal infra structure such as good health / dental care & education.

  3. Gambling no matter how you view it, legally protected or not, is organized crime and criminal in nature

  4. Eliminate the funding of organized crime in government and the evil so-called “sports” will loose their stranglehold on society. It is my belief that people are basically good but many are easily led by the manipulations of the evil forces driving them. The evils of horseracing would come to a speedy end if elections of government officials could no longer be funded by dark money. Clean up our government and a pathway will open to a kinder, higher consciousness. Clean-up dark money in government and Democracy will win!

  5. I have been trying for the last 3 or 4 months to get the word out. I’ve submitted letters to the editor to both the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and Philadelphia Inquirer making the case to abolish subsidizing horse racing. I received no response from either.

  6. As with racing greyhounds, race horses are treated as a commodity. The Greyhound and Racehorse owners always have another dog/horse to take the place of the one killed, they take the loss in money terms, the punters throwing their money away, just don’t give a toss. The Stadiums try to gloss over the tragic scenes of horses/dogs being injured/killed, it goes against the grain for the people who attend these events to witness such scenes.The animal racing iindustry is an abomination – there is just not enough publicity surrounding the cruelty and death inflicted on anmals that have no choice or voice, how can humans claim to be human when we act in such an inhumane way?

  7. I though vets are examining horses before post i cant see all these breakdowns ocurring too often somethings not right no word on jock loked like both horse jock hit head on rail

    • Pre-race veterinarian examinations do not prevent breakdowns from occurring during the race. In my opinion, it is anybody’s guess as to what kind of an examination a “track vet” (a veterinarian hired by the racetrack) is paid to do. *The main objective of the racetrack is to fill the race card.* The track vet is paid to examine horses and fill races; I repeat, fill races. I think filling races is a much higher priority for the racetrack than making sure a horse is not going to break down catastrophically. One day or night of racing usually consists of nine races, sometimes less. Each race usually has about five or more horses entered and running as “opportunities” for the gambling addicts and casual gamblers alike to place bets on, and for the racetrack to take the money from the people! This is referred to as the wagering handle. The more races and the more horses in each race (which translates into a larger WAGERING HANDLE) is the primary objective. The actual health and well-being of the horse(s) is secondary to the profit margins.
      The owner and trainer of the horse, ASK ME HOW IKNOW, may have known something about the horse’s condition that would indicate a life-ending catastrophic breakdown was possible sooner rather than later, but didn’t care. If you look up the racing history of ASK ME HOW IKNOW, you will see that he was raced several times in his very short life. He was raced to literal death before being matured.
      The racing industry people are sadistic, money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing DEGENERATES to do what they do to baby horses! They kill so many young, underdeveloped horses before they are even close to being at the age of maturity (six years old).
      ASK ME HOW IKNOW (WV) was born on May 8, 2017 and raced to death by his owner and trainer, Michael G. Atkins, on September 24, 2021. This horse was a Chestnut colored Thoroughbred gelding being run in a claiming race when he was raced (to his death) and whipped for the last time in his very short life.

  8. I continually have racing supporters point out that deaths do occur in human sports, as if there is a comparison between a fully mature person who chooses to participate in an event with full knowledge of the potent risks, and a non-consenting undeveloped sentient being who is forced into an event without recourse and who faces death either during said event or afterwards if their performance is not what is expected.

    • Rebecca, do you ever ask them what they think of the horses being used in “second careers” (as reproductive machines) and discuss what happens when a broodmare turns out to be barren or not producing offspring? Do they have a comparison for this hideous aspect of HORSERACING???

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